How do you draft a 1/2 circle skirt?

Instructions: Drafting 1/2 Circle Skirt – Figure 3

  1. Measure the A to C distance with a tape measure, then swing the tape measure around (pinned at A) and mark that measurement at various points. Blend with a curved ruler.
  2. Repeat to create the waist curve. (Measure from A to B3, then swing the tape measure around….)

How do you measure and cut a half circle skirt?

Take your waist measurement and divide by 3.14 to get the waist radius. So if your waist is 31 and a half inches, you’ll end up with a waist radius of 10. If you get a weird decimal, just round to the nearest quarter inch. Then take your length measurement and add it to the waist radius to get the hem radius.

How much fabric do I need for a half circle skirt?

usage half circle skirt: For a skirt length up to 20” (50 cm) you need fabric that is minimum 60” (1,5m) wide. For the length you measure the distance from your circle point (see 5 ) to your hem (including allowance) + 23/4”(7 cm) for the waistband.

What is a 1/2 circle skirt?

The skirt consists of two parts, which are base of the skirt and waistband. The base of the skirt is tailored in one part and represents a half circle. Half circle. It is cut out on folded fabric.

How many yards do I need for a half circle skirt?

You will need 2.5 yards. For a floor length skirt, you will need 60-90 inch fabric and 3 yards of it.

What fabric is best for a circle skirt?

Fabric – The best fabrics to make a circle skirt have drape. This means the fabric is soft enough to be flattering and to fall in soft gathers. Look for fabrics like cotton and cotton blends, linen, rayon, and even stretch fabrics.

How do I calculate fabric for a circle skirt?

It will help you to calculate the amount of fabric that you’ll need to create a perfect skirt….Circle skirt math

  1. R = waist / 2π – 2 for a full circle skirt;
  2. R = 4/3 * waist / 2π – 2 for a 3/4 circle skirt;
  3. R = 2 * waist / 2π – 2 for a half circle skirt;
  4. R = 4 * waist / 2π – 2 for a quarter circle skirt.

How do you sew a circle skirt?

Making a Circle Skirt Pick out your materials. Take your measurements. Make your paper pattern for the hip radius. Add your length radius to the pattern. Cut your pattern and fabric. Iron down the waist. Sew the elastic. Pin the elastic to the fabric waistband. Sew the waistband. Hem the skirt.

What is the measurement of a circle skirt?

Your piece of fabric must be at least 43.5″ in length and width in order to cut a circle skirt in 1 continuous piece. Generally fabric comes in 45″ and 60″ widths, so as long as your piece of fabric is long enough, a skirt with these measurements is not a problem.

What is a full circle skirt?

Full Circle Skirt. A full circle skirt is made up of one entire piece of fabric OR it can be cut as multiple pieces which when stitched together at the seams make a full circle skirt. You can see from the image below: Bold lines are the ‘stitch lines’ of the circle skirt pattern.