How do I write a CV after a career break?

The general consensus is to keep it brief and simple. It isn’t something you have to hide or feel ashamed of and plenty of people take career breaks, so don’t try to cover it up. Something like 2012 2017: took a career break to look after my children will suffice. Do NOT try and sell your skills as a parent.

What is a good first job for someone with anxiety?

If you want to be in public service but have social anxiety, working as a firefighter or forest ranger could be a great option. School bus driver. If you love kids and want a job that doesn’t involve being with them one-on-one for nine hours a day, bring a school bus driver could be a great option.

What is a good job for someone with anxiety?

Top 18 Jobs for People with AnxietyGrounds Maintenance Worker. Do you love working outdoors? Librarian. When you think of quiet jobs, there’s a decent chance that librarian is one of the first that comes to mind. Graphic Designer. Pet Care Professional. Writer. Accountant. Computer Programmer. House Painter.