How do I unsubscribe from a subscribed Calendar on my iPhone?

Open the Calendars app. Tap the unwanted Calendar event. Tap Unsubscribe from this Calendar at the bottom of the screen. To confirm, tap Unsubscribe.

How do I add a subscribed Calendar to iCloud?

iPhone / iPad Calendar

  1. Open Settings –> Mail, Contacts, Calendars –> Add Account…
  2. In the list of services (iCloud, Exchange, Gmail, etc.) click Other.
  3. On the following screen, click Add Subscribed Calendar.

How do I get calendar subscriptions on my iPhone?

Open Settings and select Calendar in the apps section. From this screen, tap Accounts to open your list of Calendars. Scroll to Subscribed Calendars and select this.

Does Apple calendar take iCal feeds?

To follow an iCal feed on an iOS device, the basic procedure is to acquire the iCal feed URL from the website, and then add it to the saved feeds on your device. On the menu which pops open, select “iCal Feed,” then on the “Calendar Feeds” window, click “Get Standard iCal URL.”

Which calendar app is best for iPhone?

Apple’s Calendar App. There is a lot to like about Apple’s default calendar app for iPhone.

  • Fantastical. When I asked people for their favorite calendar apps recommendations, Fantastical was mentioned by many people.
  • WeekCal.
  • Calendars 5.
  • Google Calendar.
  • BusyCal.
  • Does Apple have a calendar?

    In this Calendar guide on how to use Apple Calendar, also known online as iCal, you will learn how to get started using this digital calendar found on your Apple devices. This includes your MacBook calendar, iPhone calendar, iPad calendar, and Apple Watch calendar.

    How do I get rid of the virus on my iPhone calendar?

    Removing this is simple, so open Settings and select Calendar > Accounts then look for the Subscribed Calendars option. Tap that, find any calendars that you don’t want, then select it and tap the Delete Account option.

    How do I add Apple Calendar to iPhone calendar?

    Subscribe to a calendar

    1. Go to Settings > Calendar > Accounts > Add Account > Other.
    2. Tap Add Subscribed Calendar.
    3. Enter the URL of the . ics file to subscribe to and any other required server information.

    How do I consolidate multiple calendars?

    Step 1: Go to from your computer. Step 2: Locate the Calendar icon and click on it. Step 3: You will find the list of your calendars on the left side of the screen. Just click on the Share button beside the calendar you want to merge.

    How can I unsubscribe from a team calendar?

    Unsubscribe on iPhone (iOS 10) Tap Settings Tap Calendar (in earlier iOS versions tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars) Tap Accounts Tap Subscribed Calendars Tap the team calendar to remove Tap Delete Account Tap Delete Account to confirm

    Can I subscribe to a team calendar?

    You can subscribe to Team Calendars from your iPhone or iPad device using the built-in iOS Calendar. There are two ways to synchronize your calendar in iOS: Two-way sync (CalDAV) – allows you to view and update Team Calendars events in iOS.

    How to subscribe to calendar events?

    Open your Google Calendar in your browser and log in if you haven’t already. At the bottom-left, there should be a section titled “Other calendars.” Click the plus symbol (+) next to this title. Select “Subscribe to calendar” from the pop-up menu.

    How to show past iPhone Calendar events?

    Go to Settings > Calendar > and look for Sync in the middle of the right column. Here you can choose a time period 2 weeks back, 1 month back, 3 months back, 6 months back or all. Here are two better ways to see events and appointments in the past.