How do I get rid of codling moths NZ?

Spraying with neem oil or Yates Success Ultra Insect Control (which is especially effective with codling moths) when the moth activity is high in your traps can help to prevent the fruit being ruined. Use a trap to monitor the moths so you can time the spray right.

How do you make a codling moth trap?

You can make your own codling moth traps with empty half-gallon milk jugs or 2-liter soda bottles, apple cider vinegar and molasses. In an empty gallon jug, place 2 cups of apple cider vinegar and 1/2 cup of molasses, then fill with water and mix.

What insecticide kills codling moth?

Chemicals that control codling moth include spinosyn, carbaryl, esfenvalerate and malathion. If you want to control codling moth and apple scab at the same time: Mix pesticide and fungicide in the same tank, or. Use a pre-mixed all-purpose fruit spray that does not contain carbaryl.

Do codling moth traps work?

Use codling moth traps to identify the best time to apply chemical sprays. There are traps designed purely to trap and kill the moths but in general these are not very effective unless used with other methods. Pheromone traps give off the scent of female Codling Moths and this attracts adult male moths.

How do you get rid of codling moth?

Carbaryl. Carbaryl is an older insecticide, typically sold under the trade name Sevin which can be highly effective against codling moth when applied during periods of egg hatch. It can provide control for a longer period than other treatments, typically 14-21 days.

What’s the best way to trap a codling moth?

Codling moth trap Codling moths are trapped using a tent-shaped plastic or waxed-paper trap, hung in a tree. The most common are “delta” traps or “wing” traps. On the inside, the trap is coated with tanglefoot (made up of a natural, sticky substance).

When to check for codling moths in your garden?

Male moths seeking a mate fly into the trap and get stuck in the tanglefoot. In early May, hang the trap at about eye level on the outside of the tree canopy. Check the trap weekly starting in mid-May, to see if you have codling moths in your area. Clean out the moths and any other insects each time you check the trap.

Where are codling moths most common in Minnesota?

It is common in southeastern and central Minnesota, particularly in places where commercial orchards are nearby. If codling moth is common in your area, it is very important to manage this pest. Keeping your orchard or garden clean will reduce the chance of attack from pests.

What kind of fruit does a codling moth attack?

Codling moth prefers apple but also attacks pear, large-fruited hawthorn and quince. In California, races of codling moth attack prune and walnut. Pears have some natural resistance to attack by codling moth when fruit are small because of their hardness, however, pears can become heavily infested in late summer as they mature.