How do I get a tauntaun mount in swtor?

Note: The Mountain TaunTaun can only be purchased by subscribers. The vendor for the mounts can be found on the planet Hoth just outside of the elevators of the Dorn/Aurek base. You’ll be able to tell which ones they are by the two tauntauns around them.

How do you lure a tauntaun?

Now let’s get started.

  1. To get started, talk to the Tauntaun Trainer in your respective Hoth base and buy a Tauntaun Lure for 500 credits.
  2. Now get out of the base, and use your Macrobinoculars to pinpoint their exact location.
  3. Once you pinpointed where the nests are, it’s time to go to them and use the Tauntaun Lure.

How do you get a tundra tauntaun?

Tundra Tauntaun (subscribers only) costs 1.5 million credits or 15 Tauntaun Domestication Data. Tauntaun Domestication Data can be acquired by defeating Wampa Protectors, which show up after luring Taun Fawns from the nests, with a small chance of 20%.

How do you get animal mounts in swtor?

There are tons of animal Mounts for sale in the GTN. There are also animal Mounts you can earn by doing Events. For example, the Bounty Contract vendor has a lizard Mount for 50 Contract Tokens, IIRC. You can also earn the Ilum Tauntaun for doing the OP there.

Where are tauntaun nests on Hoth?

If you want a tauntaun mount, you have to go to the planet Hoth. There are two tauntaun handler vendors, one for subscribers and one for free to play accounts. Both of these tauntaun handler vendors are located by the exits of the main bases for each faction, Aurek base for Republic and Dorn base for Sith.

What is the GTN in swtor?

Galactic Trade Network
The Galactic Trade Network (commonly abbreviated as GTN) is an in-game trading post or auction house where players can buy and sell items found in game or on the Cartel Market for credits.

What percentage does the GTN take SWTOR?

GTN commission (tax) is 6% of the sale. You pay it when your item sells.

How do you access the market in SWTOR?

The Cartel Market can be accessed from clicking on the Cartel Market icon (left) on your status screen in SWTOR, where you can browse through the ever-expanding list of items the BioWare has for sale through the Market.

Where are the Tauntaun mounts in Star Wars The Old Republic?

STAR WARS The Old Republic Tauntaun Mounts (Hoth) To start, tour to Hoth and discover the Animal Mount providers both positioned inner of Dorn Base (Empire) or simply out of doors of Aurek Base (Republic).

Can a tauntaun be used as a vehicle in SWTOR?

If you’re one of the many SWTOR players that have anticipated the arrival of Tauntaun mounts, get ready to celebrate because your wait is over. They’re finally here! BioWave added Tauntaun mounts to the 2.3 update, so you can now travel through the galaxy on one of these incredible animals instead of a vehicle.

Can a Tauntaun be used on any character?

The tauntaun mounts bind to Legacy, so you can use any or all of your characters to get the tauntaun, and then mail it to any character you want. These tauntaun mounts can be used anywhere, not just on Hoth. Read through my tauntaun mount guide for the details if you’re interested.

Where do you get a Tauntaun in constant warfare?

Both of these tauntaun handler vendors are located by the exits of the main bases for each faction, Aurek base for Republic and Dorn base for Sith. If you just want to pay credits for your tauntaun mount, you just need to buy 20 of the Tauntaun Domestication Data items for the free to play tauntaun mount at 100,000 credits each.