How can you tell a fake R200 note?

The security thread is the shiny strip on the front of the banknote, which becomes a continuous solid line when held to the light. The words “SARB”, “Rand”, the denomination and the South African coat of arms should be visible.

Where can I change damaged notes?

These can also be exchanged at the counters of any public sector bank branch, any currency chest branch of a private sector bank or any Issue Office of the RBI without filling any form.

Can SARS see your bank account?

SARS now has access to all one’s bank details, including all payments made or amounts received in one’s accounts. A wide variety of information is to be disclosed, including the monthly totals of all credits and debits to an account. …

When did the SA R200 notes go out of circulation?

Only R200 notes issued before 2005 were withdrawn from circulation and are no longer accepted. According to MyBroadband the SA Reserve Bank withdrew these R200 notes from circulation in 2010 and they should not be issued by banks or ATMs.

Where can I exchange an old R200 note?

Might work. Old R200 banknotes may be exchanged at the South African Reserve Bank Head Office teller and Branches in Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Durban, East London, Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth. Details regarding each Branch may be obtained by clicking here.

Are there any R200 notes that are legal tender?

“All R200 banknotes that were issued after 2005 remain legal tender and continue to co-circulate with the Mandela banknote series. Business is obliged to accept them,” said the Reserve Bank. Guacamole: Can anything top that?

Where is the value number on the R200 note?

The words SARB, RAND and the note’s value number appear when held up to the light and a Coat of Arms appears in the thread when tilted. • Colour-changing ink: On the R200 banknotes, the note’s value number on the front bottom right is printed in ink that changes colour when you tilt the note.