How can I remember the bones in my hand?

The 8 carpal bones are arranged into two rows of four– a proximal and a distal row….A useful mnemonic to help remember the carpal bones is shown below:

  1. Some – Scaphoid.
  2. Lovers – Lunate.
  3. Try – Triquetrum.
  4. Positions – Pisiform.
  5. That – Trapezium.
  6. They – Trapezoid.
  7. Can’t – Capitate.
  8. Handle – Hamate.

How do you remember the 8 cranial bones?


  1. S: sphenoid.
  2. T: temporal.
  3. E: ethmoid.
  4. P: parietal.
  5. O: occipital.
  6. F: frontal.
  7. 6: number of skull bones.

Are there mnemonics to remember the names of cranial nerves?

There are several mnemonics available that outline the names of cranial nerves as well as they are built in such a way that you can easily remember the sensory and motor functions of all cranial nerves. We have compiled all possible mnemonics for you. So, you don’t have to.

Which is the mnemonic for the wrist bone?

Carpals (Wrist Bones) Mnemonic The easiest way to remember the location of the carpals is to use a mnemonic (a memory trick). If you look at the right hand from the anterior position (palm facing you), you’ll notice that the metacarpal of the thumb articulates with the trapezium bone.

How are the cranial nerves numbered in order?

The cranial nerves are numbered in order of their position from the front to the back of the brain and so they are always listed in the same order: 1. Olfactory. The Olfactory nerves relay sense information from the nostrils and are vital for our sense of smell. 2. Optic. The Optic nerves carry visual information to and from the eyes.

How to remember the names of the wrist bones?

Carpal bones mnemonic or memory trick helps students to remember all the wrist bones’ names in order. First, get some information about the wrist bones and their names in order, then we will dive into the carpal bones mnemonic. How Many Carpal Bones Are There. There are 8 short bones that connect the forearm and the hand.