How can I get survey number of property in Gujarat?

How to Check Satbara in Gujarat with Survey Number

  1. Step 1:Visit
  2. Step 2: Click on the “View Land Record – Rural“ tab.
  3. Step 3: On the next page, you will be introduced to several links, including VF6, VF7, VF8A, and 135D Notice for Mutation.
  4. Step 4: Click on the VF7 Survey No.

How can I check my land record in Gujarat?

AnyROR is an official website to check land records in Gujarat online, launched by the Revenue Department of Gujarat on E-Dhara. The full form of AnyROR is ‘Any Records of Rights Anywhere in Gujarat’. You can check Gujarat Land Records 7/12 (Satbara Utara) and 8A at

How can I download a village map with survey numbers in Gujarat?

You are requested to navigate the link: Once you visit the link of the revenue department, You will receive some options to download the Map. And the maps are available according to district wise in Gujarat. Select your district and download your map.

How can I check my property in Gujarat?

The official site to check land records online in Gujarat is Visit this website and click on View Land Records. Submit the details about district, taluka, village and survey number. Enter the verification code (captcha) and click on the get detail button.

What is property card in Gujarat?

Property cards are issued by local authorities to establish ownership in cities while for rural areas the RoR, known as the 7/12 extract, is issued as a government-certified property ownership title.

What is reference number in land records?

Short Description: The “Property Reference Number” (PRN) is a unique computer generated 8-digit identification number assigned by the Land Registry to each land register. The PRN is shown on the land register to facilitate easy identification and quick retrieval of the land records.

How can I get village map in Gujarat?

Gujarat Village Land map which has survey number can be obtained by calling on the helpline number mentioned in the revenue department website or by visiting the Tehsil office or Taluk office of the respective district.

How many villages are there in Gujarat 2020?

The state of Gujarat comprises 27 districts and 225 talukas (sub-district) comprising 18,618 villages and 242 towns.

How can I get copy Index online in Gujarat?

After opening, one needs to select Property Search menu bar. Later District, Sub-Registrar Office, Index 2 Village, Property/Land Type and Search Type need to be selected. After that TP No./Survey No./Value Zone, Applicant Name and Mobile Number need to be entered.

How to get land record of Rights in Gujarat?

Get the land records – Record of Rights-RoR online for various villages of Gujarat. This service is provided by the Department of Revenue, Gujarat State. Users can get details of the RoR by selecting the name of the district, taluka, village and survey number of the land.

How to download Gujarat village land map online?

Select your district and download your map. If you are searching for Gujarat Village Land Map With Survey Number then you should visit Your Taluk Office or Tehsil Office. Or you can call the revenue dept helpline number for details.

Which is the official website of state of Gujarat?

The official website of the state of Gujarat has been developed by the Department of Revenue and is linked to the National Informatics Center for online maps and land records. The department has developed a website for checking online maps and land records called ROR @ Anywhere. This portal provides all services related to land records.

How to check property tax dues in Gujarat?

This service is provided by the Department of Revenue, Gujarat State. Users can get details of the RoR by selecting the name of the district, taluka, village and survey number of the land. Amdavad Municipal Corporation offers online search for property tax dues and tax payment status based on a 16 character Tenement Number