England dominated low mountain or flat area which has several mountainous areas of the north and the southeast. Bollywood Hills spread to most countries; but they alternate with lowlands and plains.


In most of England alternating with flat plains hills. In the north, there is a chain of Pennin hills in the western part – Cumberland Mountains and lakes. Between the mouth of the River Tees and the first is a distinction between high and lowlands. In the central counties of southern England, and the Peninsula, which lies in the southwest part – rich granite plateau, rocky coast. English will stabilize London. Land including hills, small size. In the east – swamp; once exploited, it is used for agricultural purposes. In the plains of Midland, grow beds.


In England, many deep rivers; In fact, rain falls to the earth in its number exceeds the number of evaporation.

Severn has a length of 354 and the Thames – 334 km. On its bank is 1/5 of the population of England; Is Greater London.

When tides, people living in most ports receive the headwaters of rivers, underground reservoirs and the lake water to drink mountain. The largest river in the UK – Thames – its length – 334 km, and the pool is estimated at 15,300 kmĀ². Meanders of the river bed, because that is the appearance of different islands. Near the river bank of London is estimated at 200-250 meters, and the height of the tide -. 6.5 m at the mouth of the Thames is a crater of 16 km. In these places, there are great floods.

Eastok Thames – at an altitude of 108.6 meters in the Cotswold Hills; The river flows through the valley, which consists mainly of photographs of the hills, crossed the Chiltern mountain range then included in the scope of the London basin and flows into the North Sea, where and falls. Half the annual flow of the river in winter. By Lechleyd Thames suitable for transport. Oxford and headed Grand Junction connect the river with industrial areas in the center of England, Kenneth Canal and Avon – with Bristol Bay and Severnen – the Irish Sea. In the river, you will find cities like Oxford, Reading, Southend-On-Sea and London.

Manchester provide fresh water from Lake Circle; the delivery is of two aqueducts. In the part of Great Britain dominated the plains, there are not big lakes, but there are several ponds created by the man. European continent separated Channel Brittany, Dover, and the North Sea.