Does powerbank have 50000 mAh?

iCool 50000 mAh Power Bank (White, Lithium-ion) 1 Year Warranty and Free Transit for repair or replacement. 1 Year Warranty and Free Transit for repair or replacement.

How long does it take to charge a 9000mAh power bank?

9000mAh to 9499mAh power bank charging time: 9 to 9.5 hours.

How many mAh is my power bank?

Concept: Basically you charge the powerbank (full discharged first) and get the Amp reading from the start and again at the end when is fully charge. Then note the full charge duration of the powerbank. Once you got the duration and the two Amp readings you can calculate the mAh.

How many hours does 10000mAh power bank last?

The duration of how long your 10,000mAh battery can last will depend on how much current is being drawn from it. If your device draws 1mA, then the 10,000mAh battery can last for 10 hours. If your device uses 10,000mA, then the battery may only last for one hour.

How many times can I charge my phone with 20000mAh?

With a 20,000mAh power bank (actual capacity: 13,300mAh), you can charge tablets and laptops about 1.5 times.

How long does it take to charge Samsung 9000mah power bank?

As it can fully charge your smartphone almost four times, never need to search for a wall socket in your way. The full charge can take up to 10 hours which sounds a little higher. But, while taking the use of the Samsung 9000mAh power bank, the time is explainable.

What makes a Samsung portable battery so good?

The new Samsung Portable Battery charges with Samsung Fast Charge and Quick Charge 2.0 support that lets you power up quick when you’re on the go. Overcurrent and Over Voltage Protection means you’ll power up safely without having to worry about excessive current levels damaging your device.

What kind of battery does a Samsung phone have?

Samsung Portable Battery features a slim, light and ergonomic design that makes it a comfortable fit to keep close at hand. It also comes in two distinctive color options to go well with your sense of style.

Which is 10, 000 mAh battery with micro USB cable?

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