Does LG TV support VESA mounting holes?

There are also VESA adapters available for LG OLED TV models which do not have standardized VESA mounting holes. With the adapter plate the LG TV can now be attached to any monitor mount with a VESA standard of 400×300. This gives you a wide selection of possible wall mounts, desk mounts or similar.

Can an LG TV be wall mounted?

The sleek design of your LG TV makes it ideal for wall mounting. Top-quality wall mounts are also available at your favorite retailer. You just want to make sure that they meet the VESA standards for quality and safety.

Does LG OLED need special wall mount?

Your LG OLED TV is ultra-flat in comparison to other televisions. Naturally, you want to allow the character of your OLED TV to shine. That’s why we have OLED wall mounts that enable your screen to be mounted just 1.5 cm from the wall.

What size bolts for LG TV mount?

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Can you wall mount a curved LG TV?

If you’re wondering if a curved TV can be wall-mounted, the answer is yes. Since only the screen is curved, the majority of curved TVs can be wall-mounted. The mounting holes are all aligned. The process for mounting a curved TV is similar to mounting a regular flat screen.

Is LG GX better than CX?

Our unit of the CX has much better color accuracy, better gradient handling, and it gets slightly brighter. However, our unit of the GX has wider viewing angles. The major difference between them is that the GX comes with a wall mount that makes it sit flush against a wall, while the CX comes with a stand.

Can you wall mount LG OLED?

With a flat wall mount, you can mount your new LG OLED TV flat against the wall, as if it were a painting.