Does EA own social point?

Take-Two Interactive, the games maker behind big titles like Grand Theft Auto, Civilization and BioShock that once rebuffed a $2 billion acquisition offer from EA, has made a definitive move into the world of mobile gaming: it has acquired Social Point, a publisher based out of Barcelona, for $250 million with …

What happened to Socialpoint games?

In December 2019, Social Point was rebranded as Socialpoint and introduced a new logo.

How much is social point worth?

Social Point was acquired by Take-Two Interactive for $276M on Feb 1, 2017 . This deal was done in Cash & Stock .

Who owns social point?

Take-Two Interactive
Socialpoint/Parent organizations

Will social empires come back?

It’s a bad news but social empires is closed, and it is not available in any app store or server. I think social point has no interest to bring back this game. They are busy with developing their other games.

Is Dragon City better than monster legends?

Meanwhile, according to the page of Monster Legends, it only contains ‘over 100 monsters’. This means that it cannot have more dragons. Therefore, Dragon City is superior to Monster Legends.

Why was Social Empires deleted?

Both games are no longer in production therefore not supported. They are no longer available in the app stores. At this point, Social Point has different owners and the rights to those games may not have been a part of the purchase since both games were out of production at the time of the sale.

What’s better Dragon City or monster legends?

Is Dragon City better than Monster Legends?

Why is Social Empires gone?

They are busy with developing their other games. I think the main reason for closing this game is that there are lot of hacker, cheating by resource generator, etc. May be social empires will be added if social point is interested. But for now try other games of social points, dragon city is an awesome game.

Is social empires still available on Facebook?

They are no longer supported or in production. I do not believe there are any plans to bring either game back since Social Point has plans on developing other games.

What do you need to know about social pinpoint?

Social Pinpoint is a customizable community engagement platform. Our broad range of tools and capabilities have delivered results on thousands of community engagement projects. Create a space to keep your community engaged and informed. Strengthen your relationship with your community and stakeholders in order to reach better planning outcomes.

Who are the game makers at social point?

One thing’s for sure – talent at Socialpoint is everywhere. From the game teams to the corporate and horizontal departments, each and every Socialpointer is undoubtedly a game maker. We build unforgettable games that delight millions of fans all around the globe.

Are there advanced features in Dragon City socialpoint?

It doesn’t stop there… advanced features such as the Ancient World and the Guardian Dragons are waiting for skilled Dragon Masters. Join forces! Play along with other Dragon Masters in the game by joining an Alliance!