Does adorama buy used cameras?

The Adorama Trade-In Program allows you to sell used equipment in exchange for cash or a store credit. If you agree to our offer, we will pay you via check, direct deposit, or trade-in credit. If you don’t agree to our offer, we will return the equipment to you at our expense.

Is adorama a reliable website?

Adorama has a consumer rating of 4.08 stars from 436 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Consumers satisfied with Adorama most frequently mention customer service, next day and great prices. Adorama ranks 5th among Photography Equipment sites.

Is Adorama tax free?

Adorama is not ‘charging’ sales tax. A new law came in March 1st which enables States to require retailers to ‘collect’ tax on their behalf. So the percentage tax you will pay is the one charged by the State to which your goods are shipped – presumably your home address.

Does Adorama only sell used items?

We do not sell used items as new, but if a unit was returned absolutely and completely unopened – eg because 2 were ordered in error, then yes, the chances are we would. Opened items, however, are sold as ‘open box’.

Are B&H Photo and Adorama the same company?

I believe Adorama is owned by Mendel Mendelowitz and B&H is owned by Herman Schreiber. Both are Orthodox Jews from New York.

Is Adorama Amazon legit?

Based off of their excellent feedback history, Better Business Bureau rating, and confirmation of their authorized dealer status, I would have to say that yes, Adorama Camera is legit. They are in fact an honestly run camera and photography business. Buy from them with confidence!

Does Adorama collect tax?

Adorama now collects sales tax.

Does adorama sell new cameras?

Adorama pays top dollar for used photo and video equipment. We buy all models of cameras, including old half frames and new digital format, lenses, and accessories, as well as video and binoculars. We will evaluate your equipment and give an honest and fair offer.