As a rule, the answer to this question is one – it’s worth it. After all, an academic degree is able to provide its owner with significant advantages. It should be noted, not only moral. In order to find an interesting and highly paid job, you must have a degree of Candidate of Sciences. But in order to get all these privileges, it is necessary to think about what the term thesis means. After all, the first thing you need to write and protect it, and only then dream of a good job. And in order to do all the actions, let’s see what the thesis is?

The term dissertation itself is of Latin origin and in Latin sounds dissertatio. Literal translation means research. But in the modern world, the term “thesis” means research work, which should carry a scientific novelty and practical significance. Defense of the thesis implies a huge amount of research work, which the author usually spends for a long time. The thesis is protected under a special dissertation council. As a result of successful defense, the author receives a scientific degree.

Thesis for a candidate’s degree is a scientific and qualifying work that sets forth scientifically substantiated technical, economical or technological developments that can be useful in a certain field of science. In addition, the thesis may mean the content of solving problems or disclosing problems that are important for certain areas of knowledge.

Thus, the thesis is not only qualifying, but also scientific work at the same time. Consequently, the author receives a “ticket” to the scientific community and thereby expresses the achieved intellectual level. Diploma of a candidate or a doctor of science only confirms these achievements of the author.

Finally, I would like to note for those wishing to write a thesis. Remember that scientific work is a very laborious work, for the creation of which, you may need a lot of knowledge, experience and time. If you have a lack of that you might need a help from experienced writers at dissertation writing services.