Did Nike stop making flyknit racers?

UPDATE: Nike has confirmed to Highsnobiety that the Flyknit Trainer would not be re-released and that the launch page on SNKRS late last week was a glitch. This comes as a disappointing surprise to many sneakerheads, who were looking forward to the return of one of the most iconic Flyknit sneakers.

When did Nike launch flyknit?

Nike Flyknit, which debuted at the 2012 London games with the Nike Flyknit Racer, is a digitally engineered knitting process best known for its role in lightweight, formfitting and virtually seamless shoe uppers.

Are flyknit racers good for running?

A lot of runners had fun wearing the Nike Flyknit Racer. This lightweight trainer from Nike offers a foot-hugging experience and doesn’t drag the foot down. It shines on sprints and can also work as a short-distance race shoe. Great!

Should I wear socks with Flyknits?

Though you can wear socks with the Nike Free Flyknit, the intent is that you don’t. For those concerned with ventilation, the upper has been design to faciliate air flow and has a perforted Flyknit panel over the top of your foot that trails up towards your ankle and helps dissipate heat.

How do flyknit racers fit?

The Flyknit Racer is intended to give a snug, sock-like feel; almost like that of a track spike. Because of this, you will want to go true to size. The fit is also quite narrow and there is no wide option available, so those with wider feet may need to upsize, though this defeats the purpose of the close-fit.

What does flyknit mean?

A material made up of strong yet lightweight strands of yarn that have been woven into a one-piece upper, securing an athlete’s foot to the shoe platform.

What material is flyknit?

Flyknit is developed using a polyester thread, being more flexible and breathable than other materials and adjusting to the areas where more support is needed.

Are Flyknits supposed to be tight?

Nike says the shoe is designed to fit snug when worn in your normal size. The company suggests sizing up a half size for a roomier fit.

Are Nike flyknit shoes waterproof?

I knocked the FlyKnit Shields down a point because they aren’t fully waterproof, but otherwise they’re stellar. You don’t want to take them on the trail, but they’re perfect for the street.