Did Bloody Bill Anderson have children?

Bloody Bill Anderson Articles Anderson and Martha Anderson, who bore six children. It was said that as a child he was well behaved. Though he claimed Missouri as his native state, his place of birth is uncertain but likely it was Kentucky.

How many sisters did Bloody Bill Anderson have?

By 1863, all Bill had left was a brother and two sisters that miraculously survived the August 13 Union jail collapse in Kansas City when Union guards from the 9th Kansas Jayhawker Regiment, serving as provost guards in town, intentionally collapsed a three-story brick building on a number of young Southern female …

What was Bloody Bill Anderson known for?

Ambrotype of “Bloody Bill” Anderson, a Confederate guerrilla who earned his nickname for his brutal performance in the deadly Centralia Massacre and in Quantrill’s Raid on Lawrence.

Who was bloody bill during the Civil War?

William “Bloody Bill” Anderson
A sociopath who lived for spilling blood, William Anderson was one of the most fearsome leaders of Confederate guerrillas in Civil War Missouri. Jesse James joined Anderson’s group in 1864 and soon learned to emulate his leader.

Who killed Bloody Bill Anderson?

On October 26, 1864, Anderson was killed by the Missouri State Militia who had found his camp near Albany, Missouri, in Ray County. His body was placed in a wagon and transported to Richmond, Missouri.

Where is Bloody Bill Anderson buried?

William T. Anderson/Date of burial

Did Jesse James ride with Bloody Bill Anderson?

The exact date that Jesse joined the guerrillas is undocumented, but it is known that he and Frank rode with “Bloody Bill” Anderson, a former lieutenant of Quantrill’s, in 1864, after Quantrill’s Raiders splintered into smaller groups.

What happened to Bloody Bill Anderson?

On October 26, 1864, the notorious Confederate guerrilla leader William “Bloody Bill” Anderson is killed in Missouri in a Union ambush. On August 14, 1863, the structure collapsed, killing one of Anderson’s sisters along with several other women. …

When was bloody Anderson killed?

October 26, 1864
William T. Anderson/Date of death
On October 26, 1864, the notorious Confederate guerrilla leader William “Bloody Bill” Anderson is killed in Missouri in a Union ambush. Born in the late 1830s, Anderson grew up in Missouri and moved to Kansas in the late 1850s.

Who was Bloody Bill Anderson and what did he do?

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_T._Anderson. William T. “Bloody Bill” Anderson (circa 1838 – October 26, 1864) was a pro-Confederate guerrilla leader in the American Civil War. Anderson was known for his brutality towards Union soldiers, and pro Union partisans, who were called Jayhawkers.

Where did Bill Anderson Live during the Civil War?

Born in Kentucky in 1839 before moving to Missouri and eventually living in Kansas when the Civil War started, Bill Anderson soon earned the nom de plume “Bloody Bill.” An unusual event made a guerrilla out of William Anderson. His family had been living in Council Grove, Territory of Kansas at the start of the war.

When did William t.anderson’s father die?

Anderson’s father was shot dead in March 1862 by a local judge over a stolen horse. Anderson and his brother Jim later confronted the judge, killing him along with his brother-in-law. Now in trouble with the law, Anderson and his family left Kansas and moved to western Missouri.

Where did William t.anderson live in Missouri?

Anderson was born either in 1838 or 1839 in either Jefferson County or Salt Springs Township, Randolph County in Missouri and grew up near Huntsville in Randolph County, Missouri. His parents were William C. Anderson, a hat maker, and Martha (née Thomason) Anderson.