Creative Promposal Ideas

Over the last few years, promposals have gotten bigger than ever. These days you can’t just come to a person you like and ask them to prom.

Your promposal should be creative and extraordinary so that your significant other can brag about it on social media.

Planning every single detail can increase your chances to hear ‘yes.’ Also, it is a memory that will last forever, so don’t miss your chance! Here are some ideas that can help you win your date’s heart:

Include your friends

If you are in a good relationship with your classmates, ask them to help you with a promposal. Design your own t-shirt with a sign ‘Will you go to prom with me?’ (you can add your date’s name or surname) and then ask your friends to wear the same T-shirts. Your future prom date will notice that everyone has the exact same T-shirt and eventually read the sign! Also, you can take a picture all together afterward.

Don’t be afraid to involve other people in your promposal. It will only show how much effort it took to organize the whole thing.

Bring some food

You can impress your future prom date with your cooking skills. For instance, you can make a cake or easy muffins and write with cream your important question. If you are not the best cook of all times, don’t risk and get some sweets from the store. Think how you will deliver them – you can leave the box in the locker or at the door, or give it in person.

Call celebrities

You might be surprised but reaching out to celebrities isn’t the most challenging thing to do, especially in the era of the Internet. If your prom date is crazy about a TV star or musician, contact celebrities via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. You can tell your story and ask them to make a short video for your promposal. Wouldn’t it be great if Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga asks your girl or a boy to come with you to prom?

Let’s not forget that there are a lot of celebrities who went to prom with their fans: Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Demi Lovato, Katy Perry, etc. If your high school sweetheart rejects your proposal, you can always ask a celebrity to go with you!

Decorate their house

You can surprise your prom date by decorating their backyard or a room. For example, you can print a few posters and blow up a bunch of colorful balloons. If you want to make it super romantic, light scented candles and play some music on the background. You should ask someone to help you out with this plan. It is necessary to ask permission from your date’s parents since you cannot enter the house without an invitation. In case you don’t know your date’s parents or siblings very well, you can decorate the space around their door (at least it will not be considered a home invasion).

Fake parking ticket

Giving your date flowers or teddy bear with the note is sweet, but a bit cheesy. If your date drives a car, you can make something really unusual. At first, you should photoshop your invitation so that it looks like a parking ticket. Then, put it in their car window and wait for their reaction.

Ask your question in the newspaper

You can write an article for your school newspaper and mention there your question. Later you can give your friend an article to read and voila (!) – you will hear ‘yes’!

It shouldn’t be the problem to find a person who would publish your masterpiece since everyone knows that prom is one of the most important things in high-school. You can also publish your photo together so that your date would have something to frame.

Stuff the locker

Leave the poster with the question in the locker in order to surprise your date. Decorate the whole locker with flowers, balloons, or get your sweetheart a stuffed toy!

Dress up

You can always come to someone you like and ask them in person. To make it more special, you can wear a suit and a tie. If you both share the passion for cosplay – you can impress your prom date by wearing a costume. Don’t be afraid to make a fool out of yourself – it is a prom time so you should use all your powers and skills.

Sing a song

Are you playing the guitar? Or you know someone who can play a musical instrument? You can sing a song in the school hallway so that everyone can hear how much you want someone to go with you to prom. It is better if you write a short song by yourself. Also, tell your friends about your idea first so that you can get honest feedback on your singing.

The bottom line

As you can see, there are a lot of creative ways to ask someone to prom. You will have at least one month to make up your mind and organize your promposal. Take your time to make something truly special so that your date will not be able to say anything except for ‘yes.’