Can you zipline in Whistler?

Ziptrek is the original zipline tour company in Whistler. Ziptrek tours take place over the Fitzsimmons Valley between Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains. Superfly Ziplines are located about a 10-minute drive north of Whistler Village in the Cougar Mountain area.

How much does ziplining cost in Whistler?

The tour lasts around three hours and features two of Canada’s longest ziplines at over a kilometre long, 600 feet high and speeds as high as 100 km per hour. Prices for adults are $149 and for children (12 years and under) $109.

How long does the Whistler zipline take?

about 1.5 hours
The Sasquatch® tour takes about 1.5 hours and there’s plenty of time on the chairlift and van ride up Blackcomb Mountain to question yourself if you’re ready, and until you’re standing on the launching platform it’s hard to conceive just how massive this experience is.

What is the highest zipline in Canada?

Eagle Canyon Adventures is the. Lake Superior Circle Tour’s #1 Tourist Attraction. Two Breath-taking suspension footbridges: 300′ & Canada’s LONGEST at 600′! Canada’s LONGEST, HIGHEST & FASTEST ZIP LINE: 1/2 mile long reaching speeds of over 45mph!

Which zipline is better in Whistler?

Superfly Ziplines
These places are best for zipline & aerial adventure parks in Whistler: The Adventure Group. Superfly Ziplines. Ziptrek Ecotours.

What is the fastest zipline in the world?

Zip World Velocity 2
Penrhyn Slate Quarry, located near Bethesda in North Wales, is home to Zip World Velocity 2, the fastest zip line in the world and the longest in Europe.

Is ziplining boring?

Ziplining is your unique opportunity to make lasting memories with friends and family. The activity is high-speed enough that it’s never boring yet not so fast that younger kids couldn’t enjoy it.

How much is Sasquatch zipline?

Tour Prices

Adult(13+) $ 129 -15%
Child(10-12) $ 109 -15%

Is ziplining really that boring?

What is the fastest zipline in America?

New York Zipline Adventure Tour at Hunter Mountain
The New York Zipline Adventure Tour at Hunter Mountain is the highest, fastest, and longest zipline canopy tour in North America and the second largest zipline in the world.

Where are the ziplines in Whistler, BC?

Welcome to Whistler, BC, home of Superfly Ziplines. Located just 10 minutes north of Whistler, your tour starts with a custom 4×4 climb up Rainbow Mountain featuring panoramic views. With cutting edge technology and side-by-side ziplines, you and a friend can fly through the BC backcountry in a rush of adrenaline, beauty, and speed.

Where are the ziplines in the Blackcomb Mountains?

Ziptrek hosts a selection of breathtaking tours. There are 4 distinct zipline tours, and the TreeTrek canopy walk. Our wilderness area is located directly above Whistler Village, in the spectacular temperate rainforest valley between Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains.

Which is the longest zipline tour in Canada?

The Sasquatch® Tour. Are you wild enough to take on The Sasquatch®? This monster single zipline experience is the longest zipline in Canada and the USA! The ultimate zipline experience spans a mind-blowing distance of 2+ kilometres. Experience spectacular views and more than 7,000 feet of pure eco-exhiliration!

Is the Sasquatch zip line in Whistler open?

Spanning a mind-blowing distance of over 2kms, you will take in spectacular views and over 7,000 feet of pure eco-exhilaration! Will you take in on? The Sasquatch® is now open for summer 2021! We are pleased to have been designated a Safe Travels destination / activity.