Can you use JavaScript with WordPress?

JavaScript can be used within the WordPress platform to add dynamic elements to pages and posts, or across your entire website.

How do I create an interactive image in WordPress?

To start creating an interactive image, look for the Draw Attention option within your menu, and click on Edit Image. First up, you can add the image title that will be visible once the image is displayed. Then, on the right side of the screen add the new image you wish to edit or select one from the media library.

How do you make an interactive graph in JavaScript?

To start, embed simple JavaScript to your web page to load the Google Chart libraries you need. Then list the data you want charted, and make some customizations through the chart options. Finally create a chart object with an id, and on your web page, create a with that id to display your chart.

Can WordPress be interactive?

For WordPress website owners, adding interactive features is simple. All you need is the right plugin and an idea of the experience you want to provide. With the help of expert WordPress developers, you can hone each interactive feature option into a uniquely rewarding online experience for customers and leads.

How do I upload JavaScript to WordPress?

How do I add a Javascript file to WordPress?

  1. Log in to your site’s and install Headers and Footers plugin.
  2. Once it has installed, click on Activate.
  3. Save your JavaScript code or file into a new file with the .
  4. Upload it into your site to the following folder: wp-content/themes//js/

How do you call a JavaScript function from WordPress?

One of the simplest ways to add JavaScript to a WordPress post, page or custom post type, is by using the Custom HTML Block found in the Gutenberg Editor. Simply, open a Post, Page or Custom Post Type, add a Custom HTML Gutenberg Block and add your JS code inside a