Can you turbocharge an S2000?

They breathe so well, it’s almost unfair to not take advantage of this quality by turbocharging it. The Honda S2000 can handle up to 400+ whp on stock internals and with the right tuning, quality S2000 specific motor oil and spark plugs you can push it to 600 whp.

Are Turbo S2000 reliable?

CXRacing S2000 Turbo kit This tuning company has an extremely good reputation throughout the turbocharging industry for creating fantastic options at incredible prices. We’ve seen many owners run huge mileage with absolutely no reliability issues.

Are s2k discontinued?

Production of the S2000 ceased on August 19th 2009. The Honda S2000 was notable for its exceptional specific power output of about 124 hp per litre, or about two horsepower per cubic inch, the highest of any mass production, naturally aspirated engined car.

How fast is a turbo S2000?

For a factory Honda S2000, the answer is a big “No!” With 237 hp of max output derived from its 2.2-liter VTEC four-cylinder engine, an S2000 can sprint from nil to 60 mph in 5.4 seconds and reach a top speed of around 149 mph.

What is the fastest S2000?

The world’s fastest Honda S2000 has set a new world record by completing the quarter mile in just 6.9 seconds at 186MPH. The heavily modified car was built by Real Street Performance on a stock S2000 chassis and features a turbocharged F22C engine that was built by Inline-Pro.

How much horsepower can a F20C handle?

Maximum power output was maintained at 240 hp (179 kW; 243 PS) at 7,800 rpm. Rated torque increased from 155 lb⋅ft (210 N⋅m) at 7,500 rpm for the F20C to 162 lb⋅ft (220 N⋅m) at 6,500 rpm for the F22C.

Why was the S2000 discontinued?

Honda is reviving the S2000 to go against the Mazda Miata But while its Japanese rival remained in production until today, the S2000 was discontinued in 2009 due to slow sales, and plans for a successor were scrapped due to the financial crisis.