Can you replace fluorescent fixtures with regular light fixtures?

Fluorescent light fixtures have a lot going for them. They produce a lot of light, they don’t cost a lot to operate, and the fluorescent tubes last a really long time. Swapping out a fluorescent fixture with a regular, incandescent model is easy to do.

How do you replace an old fluorescent light fixture?


  1. Turn off power at circuit-breaker box.
  2. Remove lens or diffuser panel from light.
  3. Remove lamps or bulbs.
  4. Remove ballast cover.
  5. Uncap black and white wires and test to ensure that power is off.
  6. Separate wires from existing fixture.
  7. Remove fixture base from ceiling.

What is retrofit LED lighting?

An LED retrofit is essentially a conversion of an existing fixture (whether it be CFL, Fluorescent, Incandescent, etc) to a LED lighting fixture. Sometimes it is not possible or practical to retrofit an existing fixture to LED – in those cases the existing fixture would be replaced entirely with a new LED fixture.

Are there LED Retrofit kits for fluorescent lights?

Fluorescent to LED Retrofit Kits When converting fluorescent lights to LED there are choices of T8’s, T5’s, T5HO’s or LED retrofit light bulbs. When retrofitting to the LED T8 Lamps there are 3 choices at this time: Lamp or bulb with an internal driver encapsulated in the lamp itself.

What does it mean to retrofit a light fixture?

The process of retrofitting is adding new technology and features to an existing light fixture. For lighting fixtures, retrofit kits consist of hardware and parts that when installed increase the efficiency and performance of existing light fixtures.

Can You retrofit a T12 light fixture with LED lighting?

Easily upgrade outdated T12 and T8 commercial lighting with Net Zero USA’s LED Retrofit Kits. Thinking about upgrading your T12 or T8 lighting to more energy efficient LED options? There’s no need to waste money on new light fixtures. Instead, opt for a commercial lighting retrofit and put new LEDs directly into your existing fixtures!

What to replace lamp holders with for led retrofitting?

Replace the shunted lamp holders or tombstones with a non-shunted variety. Safety note: Using shunted lamp holders or tombstones when LED retrofitting can damage the bulbs or the fixture itself. Purchase the correct amount of non-shunted lamp holders before you begin the process of converting fluorescent to LED.