Can you put a gas fireplace in a mobile home?

Both manufactured and modular homes can feature gas, wood, or electric burning fireplaces, depending on your home building facility. Caring for your fireplace may vary based on which type of fireplace you choose.

How much does a propane fireplace cost?

A fireplace unit that burns natural gas or propane runs about $2,000 for the basic materials package. Installation and finishing typically add $2,500. Cost saver tip: Switch to a simpler surround and mantle, and get a direct-vent fireplace so you don’t need a chimney.

Are propane fireplaces expensive to run?

In Propane, there is about 91,500 BTU in a gallon. For the equivalent in a gas insert or gas fireplace, a large could use about 40,000 BTU/hour and in this case would cost about $0.40/hour to operate for natural gas and about $1.31/hour for propane.

Can you have a wood burning fireplace in a mobile home?

Having a wood burning fireplace is an economical way to heat our prefabricated home*. Wood stoves must be listed for use with manufactured homes and must be installed in accordance with the stove manufacturer’s instructions.

How much does it cost to put a wood burning fireplace in a mobile home?

Installing a wood-burning stove in a mobile or manufactured home costs $1,300 to $3,100 on average. Wood stoves installed in a manufactured home must have rear heat shields and be top vented, with a hard ducting system for bringing in fresh combustion air.

Do propane fireplaces give off heat?

You have instant heat right at your fingertips. You don’t have to dance around in several layers of clothing while you wait for the fireplace to put out a little bit of heat. Additionally, a propane fireplace will give off more heat and heat a larger area of your home.

Can a trailer have a fireplace?

Sometimes, you think amenities like a fireplace could really extend your camping season. Can you even have a fireplace in a travel trailer? We did extensive research to provide you the answer. Yes, travel trailers can have fireplaces, but it’s incredibly rare to come across one that does.

Where can I buy a mobile home fireplace?

You’ll also enjoy having the extra warmth when the evenings turn chilly! Before you jump online and browse our large selection of mobile home wood burning fireplace inserts here at, be sure to check with your local zoning laws.

Is it safe to convert a propane fireplace to natural gas?

Improper conversion of vent-free units is downright dangerous. Factories certify vent free fireplaces to burn only the designed fuel type. Many feature anti-tamper devices to discourage any fuel conversion. Some manufacturers only create natural gas versions of their fireplace models.

Which is the best brand of propane fireplaces?

Now manufacturing advanced gas-burning fireplaces for over 35 years, Kingsman models offer a wide range of customization options and offer the high unit to unit build consistency, making for a quality lineup that installs easily.

Can a rural home have a natural gas fireplace?

Rural locations may not have the infrastructure for natural gas. Even if you have gas lines to your home, you may find that they are not conveniently located. For example, consider a large home that has the kitchen on the south side and the master bedroom on the north side.