Can you p-pump a 24 valve?

While the 24-valve 5.9L Cummins found in ‘98.5-02 Dodge Rams can be a great workhorse engine, it leaves much to be desired in the way of reliability and horsepower potential. P-pumping a 24-valve 5.9L Cummins requires complete access to the front cover and gear housing so that they can be removed.

What is needed to P pump a 24 valve?

See all 14 photos Before you begin a 24-valve P-pump conversion, you’ll need complete access to the front of the engine. This means you’ll need to remove the radiator, intercooler, fan, belt, balancer, and core support. Basically, everything needs to be removed until your engine compartment looks like this.

What does P pump mean?

The P-Pump, as Tyler puts it, is “basically a little engine in itself.” Driven by the engine’s cam gear, the P-Pump is an injection pump that gets fed fuel from the lift pump (which takes fuel from the tank). The injection pump’s six plungers—which ride on a camshaft in the pump housing—move up and down in barrels.

What’s the difference between P-pump and VE pump?

The P-pump would be the best choice for an all out performance build. The VE pump is a single piston pump and is limited on what you can get out of it. Basically, every cylinder is fired from one source. The P7100 has a piston for every cylinder with a cam setup basically like the valve train on most engines.

What kind of pump does a 24 valve Cummins use?

Follow along as we highlight key components required in pulling off a P-pump conversion. This is how you make a 24-valve Cummins worth keeping! This is a Bosch VP44, the factory injection pump employed on all ’98.5-’02 24-valve 5.9L Cummins engines.

How much RWHp does a 24 valve P pump have?

For a street-driven P-pumped 24-valve application (such as the one shown here), even a mildly modified P7100 can net 650-to-700-rwhp with the right turbo.

Can a 24 valve pump be swapped for a 12 valve pump?

A reworked throttle linkage is warranted in a P-pump swap as well. This version incorporates the throttle position linkage ball from the 24-valve application into a linkage assembly originally designed for the 12-valve engine. It too is included in the Scheid Diesel P7100 conversion kit.

How many horsepower does a 24 valve engine have?

We have worked to compile a list of the most common ways of reaching 500, 750 and 1,000 horsepower with a 24-valve engine, but by no means is this the only way possible. We can probably write 15 articles on this and not one will repeat the recipe.