Can you help Harland and the nightkin?

If one is after the invoice about the Stealth Boys, the player character can help Harland find his friend so he will leave the room peacefully. One can either kill the nightkin jailer (which may turn Davison hostile) or they can find one in a desk in the room on the top level of the jail area.

Should you kill the nightkin?

The nightkin will remain hidden most of the time. He will only reveal himself while he is about to shoot at the Brahmin. The nightkin must be killed in order to advance. He is non-hostile to the player until attacked, but attacking and killing him has no effect on Karma.

How do you kill the invisible nightkin?

Anyway, the best way is to just use a 9mm and shoot for one of the legs and keep your distance. The best place to do this is to lure them in the first room (I think there were 3 controller stations lined up in the middle) where you dealt with the first Nightkin.

Should you kill Harland?

Harland can die on his way out of the basement if the player doesn’t wipe out the nightkin. However, it is not necessary to kill a single nightkin for Harland to sneak out alive; only mindful timing. You can also find some jet suggesting Harland is a heavy jet user, as many ghouls are.

Why is Harland hostile?

In the REPCONN Bright Brotherhood quest, we know that the shipment (or atleast the shipment invoice) is in the room in which Harland is holed up, but he doesn’t trust the nightkin to take the Stealth boys peacefully, hence the rifle pointed at the door.

Why do Stealth Boys cause schizophrenia?

So something in how the stealth boys operate must being providing them with some sort of high that would elicit such a response. Highly Increased dopamine levels (generally from amphetamines, and similair drugs) have been linked with drug-induced psychosis and schizophrenia.

Are Nightkin in Fallout 1?

You just never see them because of the stealth boys, duh. There are no Nightkin in Fallout 3 or Fallout 4, they only exist in Fallout, Fallout 2, New Vegas, and Fallout:BOS.

Can Harland be a follower?

Recruit Harland from REPCONN as a fully voiced permanent follower.