Can I use Selenium for PHP?

The Selenium automation framework supports many programming languages such as Python, PHP, Perl, Java, C#, and Ruby.

How do I run PHPUnit PHPStorm?

Incredibly Quick way to run Tests using PHPStorm! Go to PhpStorm preferences, then keymap and search for “Run Context Configuration” which has the default of ctrl + shift + r . Change it to suit your needs. Next, still in preferences, go to Languages and Frameworks -> PHP -> PHPUnit and set that up for your project.

How do I start testing with Selenium?

Basic Steps in a Selenium WebDriver Script

  1. Create a WebDriver instance.
  2. Navigate to a webpage.
  3. Locate a web element on the webpage via locators in selenium.
  4. Perform one or more user actions on the element.
  5. Preload the expected output/browser response to the action.
  6. Run test.

Is C++ supported by Selenium?

2 Answers. You can use selenium server and JsonWireProtocol. In C++ you can implement CURL requests to selenium server and do web automation with C++. Use this link first: My fork of Webdriver++.

Which is version of Selenium does PHPUnit support?

PHPUnit supports both Selenium RC and WebDriver, and it provides two classes for that purpose. The PHPUnit_Extensions_SeleniumTestCase is used for the RC version, and the PHPUnit_Extensions_Selenium2TestCase is used for the WebDriver version. So, your test must extend one of them to get started.

Can a Selenium server be used in maintenance mode?

Selenium RC is deprecated and is only supported in maintenance mode; you should be using Selenium WebDriver. When using Selenium WebDriver (Selenium 2), the tests are translated into commands and passed to the Selenium server (more about that in a moment), then passed to the browser using the web browser native API.

What kind of driver do I need for selenium?

Selenium uses the driver approach, where every browser vendor works on providing its own driver. You can check the list of supported drivers in the documentation. To enable the Chrome browser, you need to download the chromeDriver and specify the path as an option when launching the Selenium server.

Can you use selenium with auto generated JavaScript?

The answer is “it depends”. If you’re using Selenium RC (previously named Selenium 1), it will inject auto generated JavaScript code to the page to perform the desired actions. Selenium RC is deprecated and is only supported in maintenance mode; you should be using Selenium WebDriver.