Better Yourself This 2019 – 13 Ways To Improve Oneself

Many New Year resolutions revolve solely around weight-loss, but what if we told you it is not all just about working out and that you should try these additional things if you really want to improve yourself.

The thing is, throughout life, we should constantly strive towards improving ourselves. Why? Because, what is the purpose of life if you are constantly staying at the same spot. Never mind how much you like the current state of yourself, you should still try to improve yourself. You would be surprised to see how much there is to work on.

Here is a list of the 13 ways to improve oneself.

1.Fitness & Movement

Being active is extremely important. It is no secret that activity leads to greater health, and seriously what better way of improving oneself is there than being healthy. Everyone should include some sort of activity in their everyday life. Whether it is going to be walking, hiking, jogging, exercising or any other kind of fitness, it is completely up to you! Although these have different intensities and bring different results, one thing these activities have in common is being persistent. Consistency is the key to the success of each and every one of them.


Better Yourself This 2019 – 13 Ways To Improve Oneself

A lot of daily movement, activity, and hard work, often lead our muscles to stiffness. This is one of the reasons we feel different intensities of back pain. It is not smart to just let go and daily put up with this pain. The best thing you can do is from time to time, treat yourself with a professional massage. Not only will this help remove the aches, but it will also help you relax and you will see how it helps you in many other aspects of life.

3. Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy is something you might have heard of before. This therapy is also known as the ‘cold therapy’. This is basically exposing your body to a really low temperature for several minutes. This innovative method of therapy might sound crazy at first, but the outcomes and benefits are numerous. The first thing it does is that it makes your metabolism work faster by trying to warm your body. It also reduces different kinds of pain and nerve irritation. These are just some of the benefits of the cryotherapy, but there are many more.

4. Relaxation

Working towards relaxation of, both body and mind, is a process that you should include in your daily life. This is because relaxation and health go well together. Not only is this recommended for people who fight anxiety and depression, but also for everybody else. Every person sometimes gets upset in any way about something, and like for the most of the things, it is not really good to just keep stacking those feelings. And the reality is that, even when you think you’ve overcome a bad feeling, you sometimes simply didn’t. The best way to let go of any bad feelings or thoughts is through relaxation of your mind and body. The truth is those two always go in pair.

5. Meditation

Meditation is one of many ways to relax your mind. Through meditation, you achieve more than just getting relaxed. You also learn about patience, being calm and collected and you can really learn a lot about yourself.  You can practice meditation at home itself by downloading Daily meditation app .Try it and you’ll be surprised.

Better Yourself This 2019 – 13 Ways To Improve Oneself

6. Yoga

Doing yoga brings many benefits. Not only does it bring you relaxation, but it also helps you stay fit. Yoga really is a way of meditation. There are different types of yoga, many of those are just simply a combination of yoga and some other exercise. The best thing about choosing yoga as a way for staying fit is that you don’t need any additional equipment to perform the positions and you can do it anywhere you want.

7. Swimming

There are many benefits to swimming. While you are swimming, you are burning calories, but you can also clear your mind and just relax.

Better Yourself This 2019 – 13 Ways To Improve Oneself

Not only can you swim in a sea or river, if you live by any, but also you can use swimming pools or these innovative flotation tanks.

Floating can also bring you a relaxed state of mind and body.

8. Nutrition counseling

Another way of improving yourself is by paying attention to what you eat. Media will tell you many different and contradictory things about what to eat and what you mustn’t.

Better Yourself This 2019 – 13 Ways To Improve Oneself

So, either you do really good research about different foods and supplements you should consume, or you try nutrition counseling. If you don’t have time and patience to research by yourself, or if you don’t trust the Internet, then you should definitely go to a nutrition counselor. A counselor will make you a list of meals and foods you should or shouldn’t eat according to your age, body type and just your general organism analysis.

9. Positivity

Your state of mind and thought process is really important for your well being. The common phrase ‘ you reap what you sow’ can be used as an example of how it all works. If you try to think positive, you will be much happier and believe it or not, much healthier. You shouldn’t force yourself towards anything, just stop yourself from bad thoughts and overthinking.

10. Planning

Motivate yourself, because no goal is unreachable. This year, try something different. Instead of just thinking and talking about your plans, you should try to do something about them. Make a plan, take notes, and set goals for yourself. However, make sure they’re realistic. Don’t fool yourself and set goals you are less likely to work for, that’s how you lose motivation and stagnate. Also, set a time table, you need to define your goals, and exactly define the timetable for finishing them. Don’t make excuses. Keep track of what is done and what is yet to be.

11. Prevention

When we talk about overall health and taking care of yourself, the primary thing is prevention. What does that mean? We live in the 21st century, and thankfully, we have access (the majority of countries at least) and abilities to properly take care of ourselves. You know the phrase “better safe than sorry”.

That’s prevention. We’ve been given the options to control, predict and prevent the major health problems of today. Do regular checkups. Doctors are there to help. Be smart and use that. Once a year visit your physician and do the checkup, be aware of yourself and your body. Doctors are not enemies. Don’t go to them only when you have a problem, that’s one problem too late, remember that.

12. Hobbies

Find a hobby. Sounds trivial but it works. It’s not only for children. Find something that fulfills you and do it for yourself. Reading, painting, drawing, writing, dancing, gardening. Do it when you need it, listen to your body and body, they will speak for themselves.

13. Reduce Stress

Stress is everywhere. It infiltrated our everyday lives, and we’re all so used to it, that you don’t even notice it anymore, but your body does. It compiles and accumulates inside of you, damaging your body from the inside. Don’t let it, fight it. Fight stress with your positive energy, with your mind and your soul, with your heart. Decrease it to a minimum. It won’t completely disappear but learn how to control it. That’s how you win.

Overall, it is vital to take care of, both your body and mind, and why not start with it this year, if you haven’t by now. Improving yourself should be a constant goal. You should always strive towards it.

Always keep in mind that your well being is the one of the most important things in life.Don’t forget to take equal care of your mind as you try to take of your body. Remember a “Sound Mind” leads to a “Sound Body”.

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