Best Automation Apps and Software To Use For Business

Ever heard the quote, “Never look a gift horse in the mouth?” This is one quote that truly applies when it comes to business management. When life provides you with tools that you can use, you don’t ask why nor do you snub it like a rookie business owner or company manager. No. What you do is you take it, no questions asked, and use it to your advantage.

As the Age of Information continues to move forward, it can’t be helped that even the most mundane of things are being phased out for a more mechanical and automated process. Factories are perhaps one of the most known sectors of society that make use of automation. The Industrial Revolution, for example, was born out of the ingenuity of increasing the levels of production through the use of more advanced and highly mechanized tools.

Today, it has become an uncommon thing to see a place without any kind of technology. The Internet has taken over the world and there’s no saying when it’ll stop to dominate our lives if it ever will. With these advancements, come the innovations that help further improve mankind’s life.

For instance, more and more automation tools and software are being invented and put on the market to help out businesses succeed with their goals. If you have a business, then it’s a no-brainer that you should integrate automated tools into your operations.

Below I have listed some of the best automation apps and software to use for business.


Vital in every aspect of life is communication. Without a proper medium for communication, pandemonium would ensue and there would be hundreds of problems that can arise at a moment’s notice. One of the most convenient professional messaging platforms available in the market as of the moment is Slack.

Its features are extremely convenient especially if you work with remote employees or are talking to international clients. Its file-sharing and message search also make everyone’s lives much easier.

Slack also has a neat ability to integrate other apps. You can learn more about this feature and some popular apps here.


Nothing is more embarrassing than sending out a poorly worded email or a badly written document. Just a single grammatical error is enough to make everyone reel back and cringe. Imagine the horror of realizing that the file you just sent to your higher-ups were riddled with errors. The confusion alone can give you a dozen headaches.

Content is now one of the best ways of advertising a brand. What this means is that brands now have to churn out a lot of content just to keep themselves relevant. Blog posts, social media posts, etc all have to be meticulously checked as they can easily affect the branding of the company. Grammarly is a topnotch spellcheck software that guarantees that all of your content is error-free and perfect for public readership.

Regardless of how big or small your organization has become, it is important that you learn how to delegate the tasks out to your employees. With, you can easily track the jobs that you have given out which definitely adds a certain order into the office. How do you get things done quickly and without any mistakes? Is probably one of the most asked questions of business managers. Integrating a virtual project management software is the most modern and efficient answer to this question.


Ask yourself just how many people you delegate to manage your contracts. How much time is spent with the encoding, filing, etc. of your company’s contracts. A middle-sized company is known to have hundreds of contracts, from vendors to clients, to the actual lease of the building, and even the employment contracts of each employee.

This then becomes too much even for an entire department to handle, especially if they have other tasks to do as well. An enterprise contract management software will mitigate such problems. A software can do exponentially so much more than an individual or two. Not only that but it also provides instant analytics and valuable insights that help with decision making and business management in general.


On average, just how many messages do you send back and forth just to set up a single meeting? Dozens right? With emails, all pleasantries and establishing rapport have to be made first before setting up a business meeting. However, while this is a crucial step in maintaining a good relationship, it can also be too time-consuming.

If you have already done all the niceties, it would be more efficient to use a simple automation tool such as Calendly. Calendly allows its users to send out meeting invites from the application itself via email. Once approved, the task automatically shows up to your calendar along with your other projects for the day. Reminders can also be set so you do not miss meetings.