Are Pa constables police?

Role in Pennsylvania government Constables are peace officers and may be considered to be police officers in certain circumstances.

Can the constable pull you over?

Just like a fully trained officer, constables have the legal right to carry a firearm, pull vehicles over, and make arrests. There are some important differences between the two. Constables are not likely to intervene in the most serious of cases, as their training has not prepared them for that type of work.

Is a constable an elected official?

A Constable is an Elected Officer of the County in the Justice Region in which they reside. The Constable serves Criminal and Civil process of the Magistrate and Justice of the Peace Court or other competent authority. Constables are elected by the voters of the Justice Region every four years.

How much do Pa constables get paid?

Constable Salary in Pennsylvania

Annual Salary Hourly Wage
Top Earners $42,227 $20
75th Percentile $39,380 $19
Average $31,676 $15
25th Percentile $28,942 $14

How many constables are in Pennsylvania?

Statewide there are about 1,200 certified constables and deputies at any given time, commission spokeswoman Kirsten Kenyon said.

Why would a constable come to my door?

1 attorney answer If it is the Constable, he may be trying to serve a summons. if he can’t serve it, the court would issue an arrest warrant.

What does a constable do in Pennsylvania?

Under Pennsylvania Law, Constables are Public Officers elected or appointed to their position in accordance with the laws of elections. A Constable is a sworn Law Enforcement/Peace Officer that can arrest for felony crimes and breaches of the peace committed in his presence, or by warrant anywhere in the commonwealth.

What does a constable do in Tennessee?

Constables provide their own uniforms, vehicles, fuel and equipment and stand ready to aid or assist all citizens and/or agencies within the county. Our mission is to provide additional law enforcement presence in the county and to assist and supplement the county Sheriffs Office and the Police Departments.

What does the word constables mean?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : a high officer of a royal court or noble household especially in the Middle Ages. 2 : the warden or governor of a royal castle or a fortified town. 3a : a public officer usually of a town or township responsible for keeping the peace and for minor judicial duties.

What are a constables duties?

The constables’ duties include execution of court orders, writs and warrants, serving summonses and subpoenas, collecting debts and fines, and providing courtroom security.

What are the requirements to be a constable in Pennsylvania?

Currently, the Constables’ Education and Training Program mandated by Act 2009-49 provides six types of training: 80-Hours of Basic Training; 40-Hours of Basic Firearms Training; 20- Hours of Continuing Education Training; 20-Hours of Annual Firearms Training; 20-Hours of Advanced Firearms Training; and up to 16-Hours …

What is the job of a state constable in Pennsylvania?

PENNSYLVANIA STATE CONSTABLE. SERVING SOUTH-CENTRAL PENNSYLVANIA. 717-729-6994. A Pennsylvania State Constable is an office held in Pennsylvania. It is the constable’s job to enforce the law and carry it out, just the same as the job of district attorneys, sheriffs and the police (see Ant 147 of 1990, 528 Pa., at470, 598 A.2d 9S5).

When does a constable’s certification in PA end?

Certification End Date: This date indicates when the constable or deputy constable’s certification will end, this date is dependent upon many factors, including the expiration of the professional liability insurance.

Can a deputy constable be certified to carry a firearm?

Firearms Certified: If Yes is displayed, the constable or deputy constable is currently certified to carry a firearm while performing constable duties for the minor judiciary. If No is displayed, the constable or deputy constable is not certified to carry a firearm while performing constable duties for the minor judiciary. !

What makes a disturbance of the peace in PA?

A disturbance of the peace in Pennsylvania is defined as an imminent threat or danger to persons or property. For example, if a constable observes a public brawl, then the constable may arrest the participants for breaching the peace.