Are MXL microphones any good?

The MXL 990 is a fine balance of quality and affordability. It receives generally favorable reviews from professional and hobbyist users alike, and in no way sounds worse than any similarly-priced mics in its range.

Where are Lewitt microphones made?

Vienna, Austria
We develop our microphones in beautiful Vienna, Austria. With a lot of know-how and the help of modern and precise manufacturing techniques, we produce without relying on buzzword concepts.

Is Aston spirit a good mic?

Cardioid, omni, and figure-8 patterns, plus a 10/20dB pad and 80Hz highpass filter make this mic an all-around studio and stage workhorse. The Spirit delivers a lovely, open sound with shimmering harmonics. If you’re after quality on a budget, Aston Microphones’ Spirit is highly recommended.

Is the MXL 990 good for vocals?

The MXL 990 has a frequency response from 30Hz – 20kHz. That makes it ideal for recording vocals and acoustic instruments.

Is the Aston spirit worth it?

Really terrific, affordable microphone!! The Aston Spirit is just a fantastic microphone. It’s built incredibly well, feels substantial in your hand, has the three pattern selection of mics twice it’s price and really sounds fantastic on just about anything that I’ve recorded with it so far.

Does Aston spirit need a pop filter?

Read more about The Aston Sound. The Spirit uses the latest in stainless steel mesh-knit technology to dramatically reduce vocal plosives… Aston’s vocal condenser microphones have an exclusive mesh-knit pop filter built into the wave-form head.

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