Are MB rims good?

MB legacy wheels are a good choice for the car. They have beautiful design, reliability and durability. In addition, the wheels have a lifetime warranty, which most manufacturers cannot boast. They are sold exclusively at Discount Tire.

What are MB wheels?

MB Wheels offers the latest styles in the competitive, value-priced wheel category. Made using one-piece cast aluminum or steel and precision computer design, MB Wheels features premium materials and excellent craftsmanship.

Are MB Wheels alloy?

The MB Wheels Razor is a classic modular alloy wheel design.

Where are MB wheels made?

Registered. From low tech to high tech, you’ll find much of it is made in China.

Can I use 225 55r17 instead of 225 65r17?

The difference in the dimension of the two tyres is purely in the aspect ratio of the sidewall so the /65 tyres will have a bigger sidewall (note that the number is 65% of the width, not 65 somethings – i.e. 165.75mm vs 140.25mm and that’s effectively doubled because you’re taking radius, not diameter) and therefore …

Can I use 225 65R17 instead of 215 55R17?

The 225/65R17 is one size larger and much taller and can carry more weight compared to the 215/55R17. The ride will be harsher as well as the aspect ratio is two sizes lower. The smaller tire will fit on the same rim.

What kind of wheels do MB racing use?

MB Wheels offers excellent craftsmanship, premium materials, and eye-catching styles… Add more style to your ride without adding more strain on your budget! MB Wheels offers excellent craftsmanship, premium materials, and eye-catching styles at an amazingly affordable price.

How big are MB wheels at Summit Racing?

Summit Racing is your low price leader for dozens of MB Wheels in a variety of styles, sizes, and finishes! Shop wheels from 13 to 20 inches and choose from gloss, chrome, matte, and polished finishes to accentuate your ride. Why compromise? Get top-quality MB Wheels rims for less at Summit Racing—shop now!

What are the center caps on a MB motoring?

MB Motoring Chrome Wheel Center Caps Set of 1 # BC-787S NEW! MB Motoring Chrome Wheel Center Caps Set of 4 # BC-787S NEW!

What kind of warranty do MB wheels have?

We back MB Wheels with the best warranty available: a lifetime guarantee against workmanship and structural problems. You’ll find the right MB wheel for that distinctive look to set your vehicle apart.