Are Grape-Nuts cereal good for you?

Grape Nuts are one of the healthiest cereals you can find. They do not contain any added sugar and are made with only four simple ingredients: whole-grain wheat flour, malted barley flour, salt and dried yeast.

Is Grape-Nuts Granola?

Satisfy your Grape-Nuts cereal cravings on-the-go by making a batch of these granola bars. Bonus – they’re packed with oats and fruit, giving you an energy boost!

Are Grape-Nuts fortified?

Grape-Nuts is vitamin and mineral fortified, meaning these micronutrients are added during the production process.

Are Grape-Nuts a healthy breakfast?

If you were to eat 2 cups of Grape-Nuts for breakfast, you’d be starting your day off with 840 calories. However, if you can keep it to 1 cup or less, Grape-Nuts certainly qualifies as a healthy food. It’s packed with whole grains, fiber, protein and useful vitamins and minerals.

Why can’t I find Grape-Nuts anywhere?

Post Holdings said the shortage of Grape-Nuts cereal is because of supply issues and higher demand related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Grape-Nuts cereal has disappeared from stores shelves and according to USA Today the reason is simple – the COVID-19 pandemic.

Why can’t I find Grape-Nuts 2020?

A COVID-19-related shortage has Grape-Nuts faithful missing that familiar crunch of their favorite breakfast cereal. In September, the company spoke of a shortage of the flakes on a Facebook comment and said it was “due to adjustments in our production schedules to ensure the items in highest demand are available.”

Why can’t I find Grape-Nuts in the grocery store?

Are Grape-Nuts discontinued?

Luckily for Grape-Nuts fans, DeRock told CNN that the company has “absolutely no plans to discontinue Grape-Nuts cereal,” and that customers can expect to see Grape-Nuts “fully back” in the cereal aisle this spring.

Why do they call them Grape-Nuts?

Grape-Nuts contains no grapes or nuts Once hard, it was broken into large chunks, and then into smaller “nut-sized nuggets” using a coffee grinder. These nuggets, to Post, looked like grape seeds — hence the name, says one theory.

What kind of nut is in Grape Nuts?

Grape-Nuts cereal was his second product. (via History) The name Grape-Nuts can be quite misleading. The cereal doesn’t contain a single grape or nut; it’s made with only wheat and barley. Originally, according to Grape-Nuts’ official website, the ingredients were mixed and poured into a sheet, and baked in the oven.

How did Grape Nut Cereal get its name?

Grape-Nuts is a breakfast cereal produced by the Post company. The cereal dates back to 1897. The name (allegedly) was given because the little grape nut bits look like grape seeds.

How many calories in a cup of Grape Nuts?

In the early days the cereal was marketed as a health cure-all. Now it is an unsweetened, high fiber cereal. Each 1/2 cup serving is about 210 calories and offers 7grams of fiber. Grape nuts have other uses too in addition to being a breakfast cereal.

What foods are good to eat with granola?

Eating wholesome snacks like granola can go a long way in powering you through the day. You can pick from a bunch of different variants with ingredients like sunflower seeds, cinnamon, brown sugar, rolled oats, honey & even peanut butter!