Are bionicles considered Legos?

Bionicle was a line of Lego construction toys, marketed primarily towards 8-16 year-olds. Originally a subsidiary of LEGO’s Technic series, the line launched in Europe and Australasia in late 2000, and in the Americas in 2001.

What is the rarest Lego BIONICLE?

Rarest Sets Based on their prices, 8935 Nocturn, 8940 Karzahni, 8953 Icarax and 8998 Toa Mata Nui are among the rarest of the sets listed above. Compared to their original retail prices, these sets are currently sold for three times their original worth.

How old is vakama?

8540 Vakama

Ages: 7+
Released: July 2001 (US) / January 2001 (UK)
Theme: BIONICLE Turaga
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Who is the general manager of bioniclesector01?

BIONICLEsector01 is officially recognized by The LEGO Group as a Registered LEGO Online Community (or RLOC )! As an RLOC, we do our best to support the LEGO community and fans of BIONICLE everywhere. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter! The LEGO Ambassador for BIONICLEsector01 is General Manager Dorek.

Which is the largest Bionicle database in the world?

Welcome to BIONICLEsector01 ( BS01 Wiki or BS01 for short), the largest and most comprehensive database of BIONICLE information in the world that you can look up anytime and anywhere!

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What does the name Bionicle stand for in Lego?

BIONICLE was a series of sets sold by LEGO with a storyline to promote them. The name “BIONICLE” is short for Bio logical Chro nicle .