All About Automation Training

It may sound counterintuitive, but many aspects of automation need human assistance at different stages. Automation does not happen by machines alone.

It’s well known that automation helped save North American manufacturing at a time when the forces of globalization subjected it to competition from factories in countries with fewer regulations and cheaper labour. While mostly true, it’s a little bit romanticized to think of machines operating on their own without human employees there to guide them.

So, even as factories here increasingly automate parts of their production lines, there are still jobs to be had in the field of metrology working alongside CMM machines.

A Look at In-Class Sessions

There are highly-specialized and experienced metrology experts who are affiliated with accredited metrology businesses. It’s very common to find the best metrology teachers working for companies that primarily sell, repair, and service CMM machines.

When you take lessons from such a company, you can check out the latest coordinate measurement tech because the facility will be equipped with a variety of high-grade CMM equipment you’re likely to encounter in the field. Some of these include a ROMER Arm, Equator, and Bridge CMM.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of in-class sessions is the hands-on experience you get working with this equipment. Reading is important, but nothing replaces seeing and actually getting to operate a real machine.

The courses you can take that teach subjects ranging across specialties and levels of difficulty: PC-DMIS levels 1/2/3, PC-DMIS CAD++, PC-DMIS Portable, PC-DMIS Pro, Datapage+, Polyworks and Quindos.

You can also take advantage of a specialized Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing training course, so you’ll be up to date on the latest textbook fundamentals and multiple revision charts.

To ensure you’ve truly absorbed all the information and reached an operational level of understanding, expect to take a few tests and quizzes. The entire training session should last between 1-5 days.

Online Learning

There are online E-Learning modules teaching students about PC-DMIS Portable, PC-DMIS levels 1/2, and MODUS for Renishaw Equator. Like with all online courses, these studies can be conducted in your home or wherever is easiest. This convenience is offset by the obvious drawback, that online classes don’t permit you the chance to get your hands on actual CMM equipment.

You will receive a certificate upon completion, testifying that you’ve mastered the skills in the module. When searching for a credible teaching company, look for one that has been in business for over 30 years. Many of the best suppliers and repairers of metrology equipment also offer North America’s best teaching CMM programs.

Perhaps many people associate automation with job loss, but North American manufacturing would likely have disappeared altogether if automation wasn’t there to help factories become more efficient. Automation isn’t going anywhere any time soon, and actually it can be a source of jobs — if you’re smart, you should embrace and learn about automation and operating CMM machines as a way to future-proof your skills and have a long career in metrology.