7 Surprising Ways Writing Makes Your Life Better

What do you write down? Most people typically write task lists, emails, and numerous academic papers in college which many students find challenging, time-consuming, and overwhelming and prefer to use online professional writing services to get help with essay writing for cheap. But making time to write down certain things like daily experiences, thoughts, blog posts or life goals can have a great impact on your life and make you happier and more successful. Here are 7 different ways that writing can change your life for the better.

1. It Clears Your Mind

The human brain is for processing information and not for storage. You can outsource the storage of information and clean your mind in 2 ways. The first technique is called a “core dump.” You can write a to-do list and include all the activities that you need to address so you won’t forget them. This way, you can clear up space in your brain for more important topics.

The second technique is called “morning pages.” Every morning you should practice stream-of-consciousness writing and complete 3 pages (about 750 words). Thus, you can prepare your brain for more intense thinking during the day.

2. It Reduces Your Stress

Everyone experiences disappointment, suffering, and pain in the course of their life but when you accept your pain and grow through it, it contributes to your personal growth. Of course, it’s not easy, but you should learn it and practice it like any other skill. You need to learn to suffer. Writing can help you cope with your stress if you write about your adversities. It can help you turn the negative experience into positive and learn from it. You can find meaning in your traumatic experiences and become more resilient.

3. It Creates Discipline

Practice makes perfect, so you grow as a writer if you write regularly, but it also teaches you discipline. Writing becomes a ritual that teaches you to be deliberate and meditative. When creating rituals for your daily life, you can find a path for mastering skills and having positive energy.

4. It Gives You a Sense of Achievement

Writing all things down can increase our productivity and give us an additional sense of satisfaction when we manage to complete everything we have planned to do. It’s so pleasant to cross the item off your list. If you write a journal, you can fill it with your thoughts and feelings. Then, you can feel as if you wrote a book and it can give you a sense of new possibilities.

5. It Helps You Understand Your Emotions

When you write down what’s on your mind, you work through your inner conflict or process your feelings around a certain situation in your life. The consequences for you are similar to those as if you talked about the situation to your friend. Writing is a useful way to enhance your self-knowledge and strengthen your self-soothing abilities.

6. It Helps You Make a Bank of Knowledge

When you make good notes, you are more productive. If somebody shares their knowledge with you, the best thing you can do is to write down their great ideas. Then you will be able to focus on another insight and not waste your precious time when trying to remember the previous one. You should always take notes when you hear or read some awesome things and some day, you will have your bank of knowledge. It may contain certain concepts, ideas, phrases or citation that made a great impression on you.

7. It Helps You Stay Motivated

When you write things down, you have a chance to think big. You enter the world of possibility and can set high goals. This allows you to have a strong motivation to pursue your dreams and ambitions. You have a chance to keep track of all your ambitious ideas and return to them later when you are ready to act.

When you write down your goals, you make the first step to make them a reality. And if you write about your goals, you are more likely to achieve them.