7 Healthy Pick-Me-Ups After Having a Hard Day

If you had a bad day, you might feel like going home and hitting the hay. But before saying goodbye to the day altogether, salvage it instead!

Having a rotten day doesn’t mean the rest of your day has to be rough too. Even if you’re not feeling up for fun, there are ways to turn your frown upside down.

So what if a boss said something that got to you or your best friend canceled dinner. You control your day, and thus, you can make it a better one!

Check out some healthy pick-me-ups that’ll have you feeling less blah in no time!

1. Make a Fresh Cup of Coffee

Coffee solves everything! But really, it does when you didn’t have a great day!

Whip up a favorite cup of joe and take deep breaths while enjoying a nice cup of coffee. If you want to boost your mood, try your hand at making something new.

Making an Americano or latte could be fun! An Americano is a diluted espresso, whereas a latte includes steamed milk.

A latte usually has one part expression and two parts steamed milk. And, to top it off, there’s a layer of foam on top! Sounds delicious, am I right?

Up your coffee game by trying new styles of coffee. You may find yourself becoming obsessed with making lattes. This coffee drink could become your new favorite beverage!

2. Get & Give a Hug

Have you heard of the “cuddle hormone”? This hormone is the fancy word oxytocin, which your body releases when you get a hug.

If you’ve had a bad day, get a hug from a loved one. Or hug them. Hugging goes both ways! Since experiencing a hug helps calm you down, it, in turn, lowers blood pressure.

So, if you haven’t been getting enough hugs lately, be proactive and get some!

3. Play With Your Pet

Sometimes the best way to get your mind off having a rough one is by focusing on something else. In this case, if you have a furry pal, why not focus on them!

Play catch, chase, or take your dog for a walk. Your pet will love that you’re spending time with them. And you’ll feel better knowing you’re making an effort to better care for your furry best friend.

When you see your dog wagging his tail non-stop, it’s a good sign he’s a happy camper. Nice job improving your day and making Fido feel like the king (or queen) of the world!

4. Go on a Walk

Walking is a great way to clear your mind while getting exercise. Whether it’s by walking around the neighborhood or hiking, stretching your legs will lift your spirits.

If you’re used to going on the same walking routes, try switching things up. Going on a new trail will enable you to go on a new adventure that’ll take your mind off things.

Focus on the nature surrounding you instead of what happened that day. It’ll make you feel better in no time!

5. Sing and Dance

You don’t have to be an excellent dancer to “dance it off.” Sometimes just turning up the tunes and singing and dancing can do the trick.

If there’s a friend who likes karaoke, invite them over for a sing-off in your house!

Doing karaoke will make you laugh and enjoy life to the fullest. Before you know it, you’ll forget what bad things even happened that day.

6. Journal it Out

Journaling is yet another way to improve your day. You may have a journal you haven’t picked up in a while. Go grab it and start writing down what happened that made you so upset.

Spare no detail on how annoying your day was and why you feel the way you do.

Writing down your frustrations will allow you to see things in a new light. Plus, it will also make you feel better and release any pent-up emotions.

7. Bake Some Cookies

Nothing cures a bad day quite like a yummy dessert! The aroma of freshly baked cookies is the perfect way to take away your worries.

Preparing them will make you look forward to them. Try taking extra time so you can savor the baking experience. Then, while they’re baking, enjoy their smell.

You have to admit there’s something about the smell of cookies that can make the day’s events fade away!


Not having your day or even your week go well is challenging. You wish you could change things or get your mind off everything.

Well, you’re in luck because there are many things you can do to reset your day.

Bad days will happen, that’s for sure. But you can choose to be resilient and do something that will make your day not that bad after all.