5 Best Android Apps not found on Play Store

Google Play Store has different restrictions on the publishers of different Apps. Since Android is a vast platform where millions of users are using smartphones. Those millions of users are categorized into different categories based on their requirements and their expectations form their smartphones. To fulfill the requirements of millions of Android Smartphone users so developers are forced to violate the Google guidelines as a result they aren’t able to publish their applications on Play Store.

But since some developers give importance to the users over guidelines and they have created the apps to make the user’s life easier. Here I have selected some best applications of different categories which are useful as well as reliable. The below-listed applications are being used by thousands of Android Phone users and they are quite with these. Have a look over the below-listed apps and pick the most suitable application for your Smartphone.

5 best Applications not found on Play Store


Tubemate is a video downloading application. Tubemate allows you to download any video that is available on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Apart from this, you can also extract Mp3 clips from a video. Although you have different options available to download videos but TubeMate uses the fastest servers that will enhance your downloading speed whereas other apps use normal slow servers.

Xposed Framework

If you are not happy with your current Android design then through Xposed Framework you can easily change your smartphone UI. In Xposed Framework, you will get dozens of modules through which you can customize the appearance of your device. But since Xposed Framework makes changes in the internal setting then it will need access to the whole smartphone and it is only possible on rooted devices. Thus, if you have a rooted device then you can try Xposed Framework.


Google camera was an application initially developed for only Google-owned devices but due to its great performance, some developers make some changes in its code and named it Gcam which is now available for almost all Brand’s Smartphones.


GBWhatsApp is a great alternative to WhatsApp. In WhatsApp, you have different restrictions applied to you. But on GBWhatsApp you don’t have any sort of restriction that can resist you to perform something on WhatsApp. You can send 90 images at a time without even downgrading their quality. Apart from this, you can also hide your online status and at the same moment, you can also check whether your family or friend is online or not.


5 Best Android Apps not found on Play Store

XNSPY is a smartphone monitoring app that is designed for use by parents and employers. This app has a great range of features that enables you to use it under different circumstances. For example, you can view callrelated data, view all text messages, go through their social media/IM chats,access theirweb browsing history, or read all emails. You can also remotely control the phone, track their location, and stay alert to important activities. The app is completely hidden and works remotely. It is also the most affordable smartphone monitoring app on the market, so don’t forget to check it out if you need an app of this nature.

Lucky Patcher

You will get the mod version of almost all the Application but sometimes you can’t get what you are looking for. You can also create your own MOD version of the application by making some changes in the Application’s source code.

So, these are 5 best applications that you will not get on the Play Store but you can find them easily on the internet. You can connect to us through the comment section below if you want us to edit the list of applications.