5 Basic Tips to keep clean the Office premises

An office should make good impressions as soon as you enter it. A place where the sense of competence must always come to the fore must always be clean. In everyday life, we usually do a lot of dirt in the office. On the other hand, employees also have little time to clean up the corporation, which is detrimental to their health. The office must always be clean. You can visit to stockholmkontorsstadning.se to read more professional tips regarding cleaning the office premises. You can also hire the affordable cleaning professional. But, before that we will share 5 basic tips with you to keep clean the office premises. Keep reading.


One of the biggest obstacles to office cleaning is the amount of items that are often scattered around this space. With so many pens, books, papers, post-its and paperclips, wiping a multipurpose product on the surfaces can be a longer than ideal task, right? Despite this, we know that you can’t always prevent these items from accumulating on your desk. So the tip here is not necessarily to avoid them, but to order them. Use mugs, trinkets and boxes to keep the smallest objects always together. For papers, staple or group them with a paperclip to make piles or save them in folders.


Besides helping to place order in the office, so you always find what you are looking for, organizing your items also helps to speed up and order the cleaning process. Begin by quickly removing everything from the table, drawers, bookshelf or dresser to clean them one at a time and keep each item in its place. That’s right: clean and store right away. So you don’t risk mixing things up and you can always keep everything in one place.


You don’t have to clean the bookshelf every week, but regular attention to your library certainly helps you conserve your volumes better. Take the books off the shelf one by one, wiping a dry flannel outside – especially on the top, which usually accumulates more dust. Place the volumes on an already clean surface (a table, a chair or even the floor, on a dry cloth) after flannelling. When you are finished taking the books, wipe the right product with the shelf material and wait for it to dry before returning the books there.


Contrary to what many people think, your PC should also be cleaned often. This precaution prevents dirt from accumulating, ensuring that the equipment will continue to function well. In this case, our cleaning tips are as follows:

• Switch off the appliance and unplug it

• Use a little multipurpose cleaner to clean the keyboard and mouse, swabbing it to reach those corners that insist on getting dirty

• Finally, vacuum everything, including the wires.


Little detail makes all the difference for both the people who work there and those who for some reason need to visit the environment. A clean and well-kept workplace is the first step towards creating a harmonious environment from which competence and responsibility exude. The truth is that if office cleaning is not taken into high consideration, short- and long-term problems will arise that will later be difficult to remedy. The first tip for enjoying a clean and organized work environment is to pay attention to detail. Details are an important part of making the office look flawless.

By following these cleaning and organizing tips, your office will always be a pleasant, work-friendly environment, increasing your good mood and thereby improving your performance!