Will SunPatiens spread?

Spreading SunPatiens can grow 18-36″ tall and 24-36” wide. Their aggressive spreading nature allows you to plant further apart (14-24” spacing) and increase your coverage, compared to traditional annuals.

Can SunPatiens grow in full sun?

Grow SunPatiens impatiens varieties in a sunny, partly shaded, or shaded spot with rich, well-drained soil. While they grow well in sun or shade, the plants typically produce more blooms in the sun. Like other members of the impatiens family, SunPatiens will not tolerate frost.

Why are my SunPatiens wilting in the sun?

Actually, the wilting is a symptom of light water stress. This stress diverts energy to the root system to expand and strengthen it. Having the habit of only watering when you notice that slight wilt is the best thing you can do for your sunpatiens!

How far apart do you plant SunPatiens?

Crowd them close together – say 12 inches apart – and you will have taller plants. Plant them on 2-foot spacing and the shorter height of the series range will be achieved. From a cultural standpoint they are considered easy to grow so long as the bed is not planted too far from the water spigot.

What is the difference between SunPatiens and impatiens?

Though Sunpatiens are a hybrid of Impatiens, the primary difference among the two is their light requirements. Sunpatiens are a sun-loving variety that thrives in the sun, whereas impatiens grow best in shady areas. Sunpatiens also have a dark green shade of leaves whereas the Impatiens have a lighter shade of them.

Will SunPatiens come back every year?

Don’t be surprised if your outdoor sunpatiens ® doesn’t come back from one year to the next because it fears the cold. It will survive winter only where the season is mild. But you can try growing sunpatiens in pots to bring inside your home during the coldest months.

How often should SunPatiens be watered?

Sunpatiens Plant Care For the first week or two after planting, they should be watered every day to get them established. After that, they need only moderate watering and can usually be revived from wilting with a good dose of water.

How often should Sunpatiens be watered?

What is the difference between Sunpatiens and Impatiens?

How long do Sunpatiens take to grow?

Summer to frost. SunPatiens® begin blooming shortly after planting and reach their mature size within 8 weeks. FA CTS OF NOTE PLANT TYPE Annual. CONTAINER SIZE One plant per 12-inch or larger container.