Why was Hillsdale Mall evacuated today?

A two-alarm fire prompted the evacuation of the Nordstrom store at the Hillsdale Shopping Center in San Mateo Monday evening, a battalion chief said. He said it was fortunate the fire didn’t get bigger because there is a large gas line in the room.

Is San Mateo in danger?

The B+ grade means the rate of crime is lower than the average US city. San Mateo is in the 71st percentile for safety, meaning 29% of cities are safer and 71% of cities are more dangerous. The rate of crime in San Mateo is 19.46 per 1,000 residents during a standard year.

Is San Mateo a wealthy area?

According to the 2010 US Census, San Mateo County was the wealthiest in the United States, with a median income among it’s residents of $168,000 per year, well above the second wealthiest county in the country New York County, which most know better as Manhattan.

Is San Mateo County in red tier?

San Mateo County Moved into Red Tier.

Why is Hillsdale Mall closed?

Hillsdale’s closure is part of the region-wide shelter-in-place order aiming to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, or COVID-19. All open businesses are employing social distancing measures and all other emerging standards for optimal health and safety, the shopping center said.

Who owns Hillsdale Mall?

Bohannon Development Co.
Hillsdale Shopping Center

Hillsdale as seen shortly after opening in the 1950s.
Wikimedia | © OpenStreetMap
Management Bohannon Development Co.
Owner Bohannon Development Co.
No. of stores and services 120

Is San Mateo in danger of fire?

27, 2020. The CZU Lightning Complex Fire has burned 81,471 acres, 24% contained in San Mateo and Santa Cruz counties, CAL FIRE officials said in a press conference Thursday evening. Officials say 13,305 structures are still threatened, with most of the fire damage and danger area near the coast along Highway 1.

What is the richest city in Northern California?

1. Los Altos – $208, 309. Located in the northern Silicon Valley, in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Altos city is found in Santa Clara County and has an estimated population, 30,527 residents.

Who owns the Hillsdale Mall?

Who is the Sheriff of San Mateo County?

Here is why that statement is Impossible to be true. On April 3, 2014 at 11:25 AM San Mateo County Sheriff Sergeant Ceferino Gonzales served Kaylan Charles Freeman with a Temporary Restraining Order and Notice to Appear in San Mateo County Superior Court on April 17, 2014 in Honorable Judge Joseph Scott’s Courtroom.

Who are the homicide cases in San Mateo County?

San Mateo County can use your help, Please Investigate Tim Singer, Errol Chang, Yanira Serrano Garcia, Chinedu V. Okobi, Sandra Lee Harmon and Roger Allen Homicide cases just to name a few.

Is the San Mateo County Fair still open?

San Mateo County fair ready for visitors More than a year after serving as a pivotal location for San Mateo County’s COVID-19 response, Event Center staff are now eager to welcome the community back to its annual County Fair, featuring rides, fair food and various displays.

Who are the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors?

San Mateo County supervisors on Tuesday will consider providing millions of dollars in financial relief for small businesses negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.