Why is my YouTube keep freezing?

Hardware acceleration is typically automatically turned on in your browser in order to allow programmes to run more efficiently. However, it can also cause some hiccups, including occasionally making YouTube freeze. To try and solve the issue, you can disable hardware acceleration in your browser.

How do I fix my YouTube from freezing?

Fix 1: Reload YouTube and restart your browser Sometimes YouTube freezes because the YouTube web player or the browser is temporarily going wrong. You can reload the webpage and see if it solves your problem. If not, restart your browser. If the problem still exists, try Fix 2, below.

How do I stop videos from freezing?

Here are some useful tips to solve the freezing problems, although this may not be enough in some cases.

  1. Keep your Antivirus updated and activated.
  2. Update the audio and video drivers of your computer.
  3. Check that your hardware is in good condition.
  4. Check your screen resolution and frequency.

Why do my videos freeze?

Videos might freeze for several reasons: an outdated graphic card, a lack of cooling systems, a hardware fault with the cooling system, and not enough RAM. Some of the causes for this are: The video player pauses to buffer data into memory. A computer could be the reason for your lack of video freezing problems.

Why do my videos keep freezing up?

How do I stop Chrome from freezing?

Method 1: Through Advanced Settings. Step 1: Click on the three vertical dots on the extreme upper right corner of your Google Chrome window and select Settings from the context

  • Method 2 – Disable all chrome extensions. Open Chrome browser.
  • Method 3 – reset chrome. Open Chrome browser.
  • Method 4: Using Chrome Beta.
  • Method 5: Using Google Canary.
  • How to fix YouTube freezing [solved]?

    [Solution] Fix YouTube Freezing Use a strong network. The first condition to play a video on YouTube is to build a connection between your device and a good network. Restart YouTube. Another simple but useful way to fix the YouTube freezing issue is to quit and restart YouTube. Clear cookies and history of your browser. There must be a large amount of junk files created if you visit YouTube via browser frequently. See More….

    Why do YouTube videos keep freezing?

    The second reason why YouTube is going to keep freezing, which also links to the first reason, is because of your internet connection. Your internet connection is a huge factor which contributes to why you’re going to have issues with YouTube.

    Why does Google Chrome keep freezing?

    Sometimes Chrome may freeze or crash because of malware or a virus picked up while browsing the web. Scan your Mac or PC to find and remove any infections. Reset Chrome to its default state. This restores the original search engine, homepage, content settings, cookies, and more, disabling extensions and themes as well.