Why is my riddex blinking red?

*Red Light – indicates if the cycle is on or off. The red light will blink for 3 minutes and turn off for 3 minutes, the cycle will continuously repeat as long as Riddex® Power Plus is plugged in. *Green Light – indicates Riddex® Power Plus is on, and should remain a solid green light at all times.

Is riddex quad effective?

This pulse carries through the copper wiring of your house, making it an incredibly effective in-wall repellent across a wide area, up to roughly 1,200ft².

Does the ultrasonic pest repeller work?

So, do ultrasonic rodent repellents really work? The short answer is no, ultrasonic rodent repellents don’t work. Some homeowners have noted an immediate effect at first, but over time the rodent problem will continue to persist.

Do electronic pest control devices really work?

In summary, ultrasonic pest repellers emit high-frequency sounds that manufacturers claim reduce household pest infestation, but laboratory tests have shown that the majority of such devices do not work as advertised, in violation of FTC guidelines.

Do ultrasonic pest repellers hurt dogs ears?

A dog’s hearing is very sensitive and unlike us, they can hear noises at very high frequencies, such as the ultrasonic sounds that come from these rodent repellents. This means that they are able to hear the sounds but it will not do them any actual harm as such.

Is the Riddex plus pest repeller safe for kids?

The Riddex Plus Pest Repeller features patented pulse technology that creates invisible electromagnetic waves to force rodents and insects out of your home! These waves are completely non-toxic, producing no sound and no odor so that it is safe to use around kids and pets.

How to get rid of mice with Riddex?

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How long does it take for Riddex plus to work?

Riddex Plus is designed to quickly provide your home with protection against pests! During the first week of installation, the unit will start taking effect, and during the second week, you will start seeing better results as mice, rats and cockroaches disappear from your home.

Is the Sonic pest repeller safe for kids?

NON-TOXIC & SAFE FOR KIDS: Unlike sprays, traps, and other exterminator supplies, this DIY electronic pest controller is completely safe for kids, cats, and dogs. Its mini, low-profile design means you’ll hardly notice it!