Why is Liberty kids so bad?

Because the show strives to adhere to historical fact, many storylines include violence and death (and in at least one case, execution), so it’s not appropriate for little kids, but it’s an enjoyable series that offers tweens an impressive amount of substance.

How does Liberty’s Kids end?

By working at the Print Shop, Moses hopes to educate children of all colors in the ideals of America so that everyone may one day be free. At the end of the series, Moses reveals a plan to set up a school for free black children, both boys and girls, but only to Dr. Franklin and Marquis de Lafayette.

What is Liberty’s Kids last episode?

We the People
Liberty’s Kids/Final episode

How old is Sarah Phillips?

Sarah Phillips is a 15-year-old girl from England. She came to the US colonies as a British loyalist in search of reuniting with her father….

Sarah Phillips
Faction British loyalist; US patriot
Health Good
Level Good
Age 15

Are Liberty kids real?

Liberty’s Kids was originally a TV series but has since been released to DVD. It covers events starting from the Boston Tea Party to the Constitution and Bill of Rights. The four main characters are fictional but they witness real events and meet real people.

When did Liberty’s Kids end?

April 4, 2003
Liberty’s Kids/Final episode date

Where can we watch Liberty’s Kids?

Watch Liberty’s Kids, The Complete Series | Prime Video.

How old is Moses from Liberty’s Kids?

Faction America, Benjamin Franklin, Mechanics
Health Strong
Level Strong
Age Unknown, presumably mid-20s – early 30s

Who is Zara Phillips daughter?

Mia Grace Tindall
Lena Elizabeth Tindall
Zara Tindall/Daughters

How old is Moses from Liberty kids?

Where did Henri find his family on Liberty?

Eventually, James and Moses helped Henri sneak off the ship and the boy found a home and family in Benjamin Franklin ‘s workshop. Platinum Collection Build Your Own Bundle. Choose up to 7 games

Who are the main characters in Liberty’s kids?

The show was created to show the war through the diverse cast of characters, ranging from the 15-year-old Englishwoman, Sarah Phillips, the 8-year-old French orphan Henri LeFevbre, and the patriotic 14-year-old James Hiller, as well as the freed slave, Moses.

What kind of cartoon is Liberty’s kids 1776?

Liberty’s Kids (stylized on-screen as Liberty’s Kids: Est. 1776) is an educational children’s cartoon, centered around the American revolution.

Why does Henri like to get into trouble?

Though a well-intentioned boy, Henri was commonly found getting into trouble, no matter how often he is told to stay out of it; he quite enjoys the fun, excitement, and attention it brings. As Sarah commented in the episode New York, New York, “Sometimes I think Henri believes this is all just a big party for his benefit!”.