Why is it called Blues for Allah?

Allah is the Arabic word for “God.” Hunter used this word twice in his lyrics. Once here and once in “What’s Become of the Baby” on Aoxomoxoa. In “Blues for Allah,” he used it in reference to the nation of Saudi Arabia. The Dead performed the song live five times, all in 1975.

Where was Blues for Allah recorded?

In contrast to the commercial studios employed for their previous studio albums, the band used the studio that rhythm guitarist Bob Weir had built at his new home in Mill Valley, California.

Is the Grateful Dead Blues?

Going Deeper: Grateful Dead (1967) At their label’s behest, the Dead cut their debut at RCA Studios in Hollywood, instead of their San Francisco home base, and the result was a set of electrified folk-blues covers that suggest a band gulping amphetamines.

What album is help on the way on?

Blues for Allah
Help on the Way/Album

What good is spilling blood it will not grow a thing?

“What good is spilling blood? It will not grow a thing.” It includes an overt acknowledgement of the conflict between Muslims and Jews: “Let’s meet as friends / The flower of Islam / The fruit of Abraham.”

Who Wrote help on the way?

Jerry Garcia
Help on the Way/Composers

How many Grateful Dead shows are there?

Of the approximately 2,350 shows the Grateful Dead played, almost 2,200 were taped, and most of these are available online.

What is the Grateful Dead family?

In the drug lore surrounding LSD, there exists an esoteric “hippie mafia” called the Grateful Dead Family. A group of initiated Deadheads, fans of the band who sell high quality LSD at jamband concerts.

How many times did the Grateful Dead play help on the way?

Help On The Way was first performed by the Grateful Dead in June 1975. The song was never common in the repertoire it was played during 1976 and 1977 and again during 1983-85. It returned again in 1989 and was then performed every year through to June 1995. It total it was performed just over 100 times.