Why did Winchester make the 32 special?

32 Winchester Special. Winchester used the slower twist to reduce fouling retention when creating a new cartridge for sportsmen who wanted to reload their own ammunition using black powder and cast bullets. It was also marketed as something more powerful than the . 30-30 and yet had less recoil than the .

When was the Winchester Model 55 made?

The the Model 55 was first produced in 1958 and marketed as a target rifle for young boys. However, sales were low, and by 1961 the rifle was no longer in production. Around 47,000 were produced in total.

Is 32wcf the same as 32 20?

The 32 wcf is the 32 20. The 32 ws is the 32 winchester special and is a totally different animal.

Who makes the best lever-action rifles today?

4 Best Lever Rifles Today

  1. Henry Rifle. If you want a smooth as silk action in an American made rifle you need to treat yourself to a Henry.
  2. Marlin 336SS. The 336 Stainless is chambered in .
  3. Winchester Model 1894. The Model 94 is a classic everyone should own.
  4. Marlin 1895 Custom Shop 45-70.

What kind of rifle is the Winchester Model 55?

Winchester Model 55 Takedown Lever Action Rifle in .32 Win.Spl. SN #6763. Mfg. in 1927. LOP 13 “. 24” lightweight rapid taper round barrel with an excellent bore. Both the Blued Metal …Click for more info

When did the.32 Winchester Special come out?

Average Energy: 1911. Average Gr: 170. Recoil: 1.95. Power Rank: 3.83 of 20. The .32 Winchester Special was designed in 1901 by Winchester Repeating Arms Company. The cartridge was made for the Winchester Model 94 lever action rifle. The case is based off the .30-30 Winchester with a rimmed bottleneck and large rifle primer.

Is the.32 Winchester Special the same as the.30 WCF?

This cartridge is not to be confused with the .32 WCF or .32-20 which is a much shorter cartridge. Whereas the .30 WCF has a twist of 1:12 the .32 Winchester Special was given a barrel twist of 1:16.

When did the Winchester 30 lever action rifle come out?

30 WCF lever action rifle, dated to 1925, 2nd year of production for these rifles. This rifle features a Model 1894 style lever action mechanism, with a blued finish and smooth wa …Click for more info