Why did they kill Simon in West Wing?

Killing Simon was the obvious move since the character was introduced; the craft writing would have been to allow him to live and explore how CJ would relate to the slightly goofy, sweet guy as their relationship grew.

Who was Donovan on West Wing?

Mark Harmon
Mark Harmon – The West Wing. After having been in a series of poorly review films, Harmon landed a small role in the hit show “The West Wing.” While the story only lasted four episodes, Harmon was lasted nominated for an Emmy for his role as Agent Simon Donovan.

What happened to Molly on West Wing?

Molly O’Connor was a young Secret Service agent played by Kimberly Bigsby. She was killed protecting Zoey Bartlet when the latter was kidnapped at the end of Season 4.

Who sent CJ death threats?

Simon Donovan
During the third season, C. J. receives a series of death threats, which leads to her being placed under the protection of Secret Service agent Simon Donovan (played by Mark Harmon), with whom she becomes romantically involved.

Who gets shot in West Wing?

During the aftermath of the shooting in Rosslyn, it becomes obvious that President Bartlet was shot in the back, Josh in the stomach, Charlie (the apparent target of the racist shooters, which a conspirator later confirms when he’s arrested) remained unharmed, and the two shooters died at the scene.

Does Toby Ziegler get married?

In Season 4, Episode 19 Toby says that his draft number for Vietnam was not called. Toby was married to Andrea Wyatt, who serves as a congresswoman from Maryland.

Who dies in West Wing?

John Spencer, who played Leo in the show, died in 2005. Here’s how The West Wing handled his death.

Why is Mandy not in season 2 of West Wing?

Although Kelly was a primary cast member during the first season, Mandy was featured less frequently as the season progressed; Aaron Sorkin said early on in Season 1 that her character was not working out, and that he and Kelly had shaken hands and agreed that Mandy would have less of a focus because she would not be …

What happened CJ Cregg?

Chief Of Staff. C.J. resigns as Press Secretary. Midway through Bartlet’s second term, Leo McGarry suffered a near-fatal heart attack and was forced to resign his position as White House Chief of Staff.

Do CJ and Danny end up together?

After the Bartlet administration came to an end, Danny moved to Santa Monica, California, alongside C.J. By the time of the Bartlet Presidential Library dedication, taking place three years in the future (circa 2009-2010), Danny and C.J. are living together in Santa Monica and have a baby together.

Who is the body man in the west wing?

A man named Curtis Carruthers replaced Charlie as President Bartlet’s body man. In 2006, Charlie is accepted to Georgetown Law School, thanks in part to a personal letter of recommendation from President Bartlet.

Who was Molly O’Connor in the west wing?

Molly O’Connor was a young Secret Service agent played by Kimberly Bigsby. She was killed protecting Zoey Bartlet when the latter was kidnapped at the end of Season 4. Molly was going to be on Zoey’s detail when she traveled to France with Jean-Paul.

Who is Gina Toscano in the west wing?

Gina Toscano is a Secret Service agent assigned by Ron Butterfield to Zoey Bartlet ‘s security detail. Toscano is the first person to identify the shooters and the signaler on the scene in Rosslyn.

What did Charlie Young do in the west wing?

Charlie worked as President Bartlet’s “body man”, his personal assistant and works closely with the President’s Secretary to ensure the smooth operation of the Oval Office.