Why did Little League change the age?

Since the research concluded, Little League revamped its Tee Ball program, established a Coach Pitch Program, and changed its residency requirements to allow children to play in the league where their school is located. Adjusting the Age Determination Date will help us achieve the goal of making Little League younger.

What is the age cutoff for Little League Baseball?

The Little League Baseball Division (also known as the Major Division) is for boys and girls ages 9 -12. A local league may choose to limit its Major Division to 10-, 11- and 12-year-olds, or 11-12-year-olds.

What does AAA mean in Little League?

Kid pitch
AAA Minors Kid pitch is a developmental league and will require tryouts. This is a competitive league played with a regulation hard ball and live pitching is a key component of the game. Player’s should be able to hit a pitched ball and field ground and fly balls with some regularity and confidence.

What is the fastest pitch in Little League World Series?

Little League World Series pitcher Mo’ne Davis threw a 70 mph fastball.

How old are the players in Little League World Series?

How old are Little League World Series players? For the second straight Little League World Series, the only players that will be competing are those aged 11 or 12. In the past, players as old as 13 were eligible to compete on the teams in the Little League World Series.

When is the age determination for Little League?

The Age Determination Date for a Little League Baseball player is the actual age of a child on August 31 of the current year. The Age Determination Date for a Little League Softball player is the actual age of a child on December 31 of the previous year.

How old do you have to be to play Little League Baseball?

The local league board of directors may decide to have a different age-cutoff for this division, provided it is within the grouping noted. For example, the Junior Division in a local Little League could be limited to players who are league age 13-14.

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