Who will win seirin vs Rakuzan?

However, Kuroko passes the ball to Kagami who then dunked, scoring for Seirin. The score now is 48 – 69, still with Rakuzan in the lead. The benched Seirin members, as well as the players on the court rejoice as they have finally scored.

Does seirin beat too Academy?

Seirin takes the victory, 101 to 100.

Is Kuroko no basket and Kuroko basketball the same?

Kuroko’s Basketball (Japanese: 黒子のバスケ, Hepburn: Kuroko no Basuke, The Basketball Which Kuroko Plays in Japan) is a Japanese sports manga series written and illustrated by Tadatoshi Fujimaki. An anime film adaptation of the Kuroko’s Basketball: Extra Game manga premiered in Japan in March 2017.

Who did Seirin lose to?

Shūtoku High
Seirin High vs Shūtoku High was the final round of the Interhigh preliminaries. It was a rematch for their match last year, which Seirin lost with 45 to 141.

Does seirin ever lose?

Seirin got through the Interhigh preliminaries, but were defeated in the final league by Tōō Academy.

Is slam dunk better than Kuroko?

Kuroko’s Basketball is commonly referred to as “the Slam Dunk of this generation”, meaning that it’s the definitive basketball anime for the 2010s. However, if you were to actually compare the two, Kuroko’s Basketball is undoubtedly the better anime.

Why is Seirin High vs Rakuzan high important?

Seirin High vs Rakuzan High has been featured, meaning it was chosen as an article of interest. Seirin High vs. Rakuzan High is the match of the Winter Cup finals. Kuroko told his teammates in Seirin the story of his past in Teikō. The time he spent with the Generation of Miracles and how their talents affected their way of play.

How did Seirin get the ball from Kuroko?

As everyone has their attention on Kuroko, Akashi uses this to steal the ball from Izuki. The ball however goes out of bounds, meaning it’s Seirin’s ball. Seirin requests for a player substitution as Kuroko is changing with Tsuchida. When Kuroko goes to sit down, Riko asks him to sit next to her.

How does mitobe score in Rakuzan vs Seirin?

Izuki passes the ball to Kagami who was being blocked by Akashi. Kagami passes the ball to Mitobe, knowing he can’t beat Akashi in his current state. Mitobe uses a hook and scores the basket. Rakuzan counterattacks with Akashi passing the ball to Mayuzumi who then scores the basket.

What does Kuroko say to Akashi in Seirin High?

Kuroko replies that he has, as Akashi tells him to show him his basketball. Kuroko denies, saying it will not be his basketball he will be showing, but rather Seirin’s basketball. Akashi accepts Kuroko’s challenge.