Who was the owner of the Spiegel Grove property?

President Rutherford B. Hayes inherited the property known as Spiegel Grove from his maternal uncle, Sardis Birchard. Birchard purchased the property on November 5, 1846. He had long admired the large wooded acreage.

Who was the mascot of the Spiegel Grove?

The Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center, established in 1916, is also located here. ” Old Whitey “, a war horse that served during the Civil War and belonged to then-Major (later Major General) Hayes, became the mascot of the 23rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry.

How tall is the bow of the Spiegel Grove?

A diver and a friendly bar jack hover over the bow of the Spiegel Grove at a depth of 80 feet. The bow, in its post-hurricane Dennis upright position, is covered with sponges and gorgonia corals.

How big is the Spiegel Grove in Florida?

The Spiegel Grove is so wide that on many days, the view of the super structure will fade into a green-blue abyss. On the clearest days, the sandy bottom will be visible at a depth of about 130 feet from the surface.

Is it safe to dive the Spiegel Grove?

A descent on the Spiegel Grove is not for the beginner diver, sport diving experts say. Gary Mace, president of the Upper Keys Dive and Snorkeling Operators Association, says he has specific guidelines that are communicated to his shop’s customers that dive the Spiegel Grove or any artificial reef in the Keys.

Who was the first person to see the Spiegel Grove wreck?

Diver Bob Snyder was the first person to view the wreck of the Spiegel Grove after Hurricane Dennis skirted the Keys in July 2005. Three years earlier, the Key Largo community had rallied to sink the 510-foot retired Navy ship as the backbone of a new reef ecosystem six miles offshore.

Where was the Spiegel Grove in the keys?

The Spiegel Grove At a Glance Date Sunk: June 10, 2002 (Hurricane Dennis turned ship upright in July 2005) Location: 25° 04.00′ N; 80° 18.65′ W (6 Miles off Key Largo) Maximum Depth: 130 feet