Who was the first musician ever to get Bharat Ratna?

Madurai Shanmukhavadivu Subbulakshmi
Madurai Shanmukhavadivu Subbulakshmi (16 September 1916 – 11 December 2004) was an Indian Carnatic singer from Madurai, Tamil Nadu. She was the first musician ever to be awarded the Bharat Ratna, India’s highest civilian honour.

Which year Miss subbulakshmi got Bharat Ratna?

She was also actively involved in humanitarian work, and is said to have performed in more than 200 charity concerts that together generated more than Rs 1 crore. MS was also known to have given away the bulk of her prize money for social causes. In 1988, she became the first musician to win the Bharat Ratna.

Who got Bharat Ratna list?

Bharat Ratna
First awarded 1954 C. Rajagopalachari S. Radhakrishnan C. V. Raman
Last awarded 2019 Nanaji Deshmukh (Posthumous) Bhupen Hazarika (Posthumous) Pranab Mukherjee
Total 48

At what age MS Subbulakshmi died?

88 years (1916–2004)
M. S. Subbulakshmi/Age at death
Renowned Carnatic musician, M S Subbulakshmi died here on Saturday night following various complications, according to hospital and family sources. She was 88.

Who have not won the Bharat Ratna?

SSC Question. Dhyan chand has not been awarded Bharat Ratna instead he has been awarded Padma Bhushan in 1956. Dhyan chand is the best known Indian hockey player also known as “The Wizard” for his superb ball control and he helped India in winning several gold medals in Olympics.

Who was the first musician to be awarded the Bharat Ratna?

Bharat Ratna was first awarded in the year 1954. There were 3 recipients in the year 1954:1) C. RajagopalachariHe got the first bharat ratna award in 1954.

Who was the youngest person to get Bharat Ratna Award?

Sachin Tendulkar is the first sportsperson and the youngest Bharat Ratna Award, recipient. The medallion is cast in Bronze. The medallion is designed like the leaf of pipal tree with sunburst in the centre and Bharat Ratna is engraved underneath it.

How is the Bharat Ratna awarded by the Prime Minister?

The recommendations for the Bharat Ratna are made by the Prime Minister to the President, with a maximum of three nominees being awarded per year. Recipients receive a Sanad (certificate) signed by the President and a peepal -leaf–shaped medallion; there is no monetary grant associated with the award.

Who was suspended from the Bharat Ratna Award?

The ‘Bharat Ratna” award had been kept suspended by the Government of India,from 13th July 1977 to 26th January 1980. 18 . MOTHER TERESA 1910–1997)- A Nobel Laureate (For Peace, 1979) A foreigner belonging to the Republic of Macedonia- dedicated to the Sick people of India especially for those who were affected by Leprosy