Who is the owner of ABC transport in Nigeria?

Frank Nneji (born April 30, 1960) is the Founder and Chief executive officer of Associated Bus Company (ABC) Transport Plc, the first transport company to become a Public limited company (PLC) and also popularized Coach (bus) service on the West Africa coast.

How much is Lagos to Warri by bus?

Guo Transport

From Warri to Bus Timetables Price
Lagos 6:30 AM ₦2.500.00

How much is bus from Lagos to Accra?

Bus services operate 97 direct buses per day and 682 direct buses per week from Accra to Lagos. The journey takes around 12 hours and ticket price starts at 53 USD.

What is the meaning of ABC transport?

ATP-binding cassette transporters
The ATP-binding cassette transporters (ABC transporters) are a transport system superfamily that is one of the largest and possibly one of the oldest gene families. It is represented in all extant phyla, from prokaryotes to humans.

Who owns ABC Transport Australia?

Andrew Cogan
Andrew Cogan – Owner – ABC Transport pty ltd | LinkedIn.

How much is bus from Lagos to Delta?

If you want to take a bus from Lagos to Delta, you’ll look at ticket prices starting from $15.68, with the shortest trip duration being 7h 45m.

How long is the bus from Lagos to Warri?

about 6 hours
The estimated time of travel from Lagos to Warri is dependent on what route your road transport company plies. The most likely route your bus will take is via Sagamu-Benin Expy/A121. Taking this route will make your travel time about 6 hours to complete your 424.8 km journey.

Who is the parent company of ABC Transport?

ABC Transport Plc commenced operation in road passenger transportation on February 13, 1993 as an off-shoot of Rapido Ventures with a view to running a modern road transportation system in Nigeria. In March 2003, Capital Alliance Private Equity (CAPE) acquired 30% shares of ABC Transport.

Who is the director of ABC Transport Nigeria?

Mr. Olumide Obayomi is a non-executive Director. He joined African Capital Alliance (ACA), the holding company of Capital Alliance Nigeria, in July 1998. He brought his wealth of experience in accounting, financial reporting & control, taxation & general management both in the public and private sectors to the firm.

Where are the ABC bus stations in Nigeria?

The operations within and outside Nigeria are carried out in ultra modern terminals, with comfortable lounges in various cities like Lagos (Jibowu & Amuwo-Odofin), Aba, Owerri, Port-Harcourt, Abuja, Enugu, Onitsha, Umuahia, Jos, Mbaise, Bolade, and Accra (Ghana). ABC buses are dubbed with the company’s trademark the Reindeer.

Which is the leading transport company in Nigeria?

ABC Transport Plc is a leading, integrated transport and logistics company in Nigeria and West Africa. We require the services of a Senior Manager (Financial Services).